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About DISH Network

A Brief Overview of EchoStar and DISH Network

Charles Ergen and James DeFranco co-founded EchoStar back in 1980. They named the company EchoSphere, which sold the large C-band, satellite TV dish antennas to rural homes in Colorado. Charlie and Jim grew the business and always had a firm grasp of emerging technologies. In 1987, Charlie and Jim, seeing the future in the emerging satellite television industry, filed for an orbital location license with FCC. Almost 30 years later, DISH Network has 10 satellites in space, almost 14 million customers and over 22,000 employees. Today, DISH Network has established itself as the leading provider of digital television delivered via satellite to millions of customers throughout the U.S. Not only does DISH Network provide over 500 channels of digital audio and video, EchoStar also continues to develop interactive television channels, receivers with DVRs and high definition programming. DISH Network prides itself by owning and operating almost all of its call centers. This is a key reason DISH Network continues to have award-winning customer service. While EchoStar is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, DISH Network has locations all over the United States. EchoStar has nine customer service centers though out the U.S. Through constant training, testing and quality assurance, DISH Networks customer service representatives continue to provide the best customer service in the pay television industry. EchoStar has call and service centers in:
  • El Paso, TX
  • Christiansburg, VA
  • McKeesport, PA
  • Bluefield, WV
  • Littleton, CO
  • Spartanburg, SC
  • Alvin, TX

The Different Organizations of EchoStar and DISH Network

DISH Network Service L.L.C. is responsible for providing nationwide installation and trouble call services for DISH Network.
  • Echosphere L.L.C. is the sales and distribution division of EchoStar and distributes DISH Network satellite television receiver systems to the nation’s DISH Network retailers.
  • DISH Network is the programming side of EchoStar and is responsible for providing Direct Broadcast Satellite service to customers nationwide .
  • CSC is responsible for handling all inbound and outbound calls for activations, service and programming for DISH Networks customers.
  • EchoStar Technologies L.L.C oversees research, development and manufacturing of DISH Network receiver systems and for distribution to Echosphere locations and international distributors.
  • EchoStar Europe L.L.C. is responsible for the International distribution of direct-to-home satellite receiver systems.

DISH Network Corporate Division

The corporate offices of DISH Network include several divisions including:
  • Alliance Management/Broadband
  • Business Solutions
  • Commercial Sales and Services
  • DISH Network Operations
  • DISH Latino Services
  • International Programming
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Creative Services
  • PR/Communications
  • Programming/Pay-Per-View
  • Sales, National Accounts and Retail Services Key DISH Network Stats