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Overview: Dish Network Program Guide

Many of you have asked for us to write an article about the Program Guide on all Dish Network Satellite Receivers. The Program Guide is actually called the EPG or Electronic Program Guide. No matter what you want to call it, all DISH Network receivers have an EPG. The information below is a general overview of […]

Pause my life? Not without my DVR.

How Modern Entertainment Technology is Shifting Time I was watching Adam Sandler’s movie Click the other night. In the film, he plays Michael Newman, a workaholic architect who tirelessly tries to keep his wife and kids happy. As fate would have it, Newman purchases a universal remote control that has the ability to pause, mute […]

Overview: The Dish Network Remote Control and Codes

We very often get calls from customers asking how to program their Dish Network Remote Control, what does it take for Dish Network Remote Programming or what is their Dish network Remote Code? This article will help answer many of your Dish Network Remote Questions and I will address: Popular Dish Network Remotes Dish Network […]