Monthly Archives: October 2007

Dish Network offers Top-Ranked Basic Networks

Recent polls show that among adults ages 18 and older the top-ranked digital basic networks are comprised of the National Geographic channel coming in at first place followed by Lifetime Movie Network, Fox Movie Channel, BBC America, Biography Channel, Discovery Health Channel, DIY: Do-It-Yourself Network,  the Science Channel, ESPNEWS Network, and ESPN Classic followed by […]

Dish Network is Dishin’ out Americas Largest HD Lineup

Many of you have been contacting us about Dish Network in regards to thier 40+ channels currently being offered in Hi-Def, and I would like to share some good news with our continually growing and loyal customer base.  Dish-Network currently offers such favorites like Discovery HD, NFL Network in HD, TLC HD and popular movie […]

Dish-Network Going IPTV with Vip-TV, ASAP…Now that’s a Mouth Full

On Monday October 22, Dish-Network unveiled its newest triumph over multichannel content transport and distribution.  IPTV otherwise referred to as Internet Protocol Television, is a system where digital television is delivered to the viewer by using Internet Protocol over a large network infrastructure, which may include delivery by broadband connection.  ViP-TV is an IP-based service […]

Direct TV aims Directly at Customers Pocket Books

First off I would like to say Cheers to DIRECTV who has recently expanded its high-definition television programming at an increasing speed, but unfortunately my “cheers” are followed by “jeers”. DirecTV customers are being given an ultimatum…either pay an additional $4.99 more each month or you will lose three of DIRECTV’s more popular high-definition channel lineups. Beginning […]

Comcast Raises Cable Rates Again

For 12 straight years cable viewers have had to sit by and watch as cable companies raise rates.  In January 2007 Comcast raised their rates 4.1% and here we are only 10 months later seeing another increase.  Beginning November 5th Comcast customers will be forking over another 5% of their monthly cable charges.  You think […]

Dish Network Continues to reach for the Starz!

In case you haven’t already heard the good news, Starz Entertainment, a premium movie service provider who offers 16 movie channels and airs more than 1,000 movies per month, is teaming up with Dish Network.  Starz and DishNetwork will be offering an exclusive free preview weekend of their much hyped Starz Movie Pack starting Thursday, […]

Puck Yeah! Dish Network continues to carry the NHL

Good News for all you hockey fans, the NHL has announced that they have renewed their deal with Dish Network who will continue to provide viewers with superior high-quality hi-definition television.  In 2002 Dish Network began offering the NHL Center Ice package, a hockey fans wildest dream, and continues still today giving Dish Network subscribers […]

Dish Network’s Public Interest Channel Package

On February 23, 2006 Dish Network answered their customers request and assembled a package of 20 Public Interest Channels that are available for free! The Public Interest Channel Package isn’t automatically added, but, if a Dish Subscriber wishes to receive the programming package, they just need to ask their Customer Service Representative to add it […]