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2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games on DISH Network

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on January 27, 2010

Coverage Includes High-Definition Programming, Free DISH On Demand Content, and Interactive Features on DishHOME. DISH Network is excited to carry NBC Universal’s broadcast of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games! Qualifying DISH Network subscribers will have the opportunity to watch NBC Universal’s extensive coverage, including high-definition (“HD”) and free Video on Demand (DISH On Demand) content. NBC Universal’s Vancouver Games coverage on DISH Network will also include an NBC Olympics Showcase interactive feature on iTV DishHOME on Channel 100! Using DISH Network award-winning HD receivers, subscribers will be able to watch NBC Universal’s coverage from Vancouver in stunning high-definition! NBC Universal’s HD Coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games on DISH Network Starting February 12, 2010, eligible customers who subscribe to a qualifying programming package will have the opportunity to enjoy NBC Universal’s more than 400 hours of SD and HD coverage of the Vancouver Games! Customers should be able to catch the action, including gold medal coverage, from the Vancouver Games on NBC, NBC HD, USA, USA HD, CNBC, CNBC HD+, msnbc, msnbc HD, and Universal HD. DISH On Demand Content – Pre-Games Olympic Content Available Now! NBC Universal’s on demand coverage of the Vancouver Games will be available to qualifying subscribers through DISH On Demand at no additional charge! DISH On Demand provides qualifying subscribers using eligible receivers the ability to enjoy movies and other programs whenever they want. Throughout the Vancouver Games, NBC Universal will provide up to 15 daily DISH On Demand highlight packages of certain key events and up to 5 daily long-form replays of some of the day’s best events (available through DishONLINE (IPVOD) only) with a portion of the highlights and replays available in HD. Plus, qualifying customers can start enjoying on demand content related to the Vancouver Games today! Qualifying DISH Network subscribers may enjoy NBC Universal’s on demand coverage of the Vancouver Games including: Pre-Vancouver Games Content (Available Now)
  • “Olympics 101”
  • “Meet Team USA” (available 1/20/10)
Vancouver Games Content (Available 2/12/10)
  • Highlight clips
  • Full-length replays (DishONLINE only)
Interactive NBC Olympics Showcase on DishHOME Channel 100 – Available Feb. 12 – Feb. 28, 2010 DISH Network subscribers will be able to actively experience the Vancouver Games through DISH Network’s interactive NBC Olympics Showcase on DishHOME Channel 100, which will offer interactive programming for the entire two and a half weeks of the Vancouver Games! This limited-time Olympic programming will be available to DISH Network subscribers at no additional charge from February 12, 2010 through February 28, 2010. Interactive NBC Universal Coverage of the Vancouver Games on DISH Network Up to Six Screens of Olympic Coverage – DISH Network’s iTV mosaic will broadcast up to six screens of Olympic content from NBC Universal. DISH Network subscribers may watch up to six screens simultaneously or select one channel to watch in full screen. NBC Olympic Showcase on DishHOME Channel 100 – By selecting a banner ad or “Olympics” under the “Sports” section on DishHOME, the screen condenses its coverage into a one-quarter display and offers the features listed below. Subscribers can activate each application to learn more about the Vancouver Games, their favorite Olympic athletes, DVR recording timers and more!
  • Top News Stories
  • Medal Count
  • TV Schedule – With the ability to set timers/recorders
  • Team USA Report
  • Athlete Bios
  • Inside the Sport – Learn more about different events
  • About Vancouver
  • Video Highlights – “DISH On Demand” clips for eligible DISH Network receivers
Interactive Triggers on CNBC, msnbc and USA Network – During the broadcast of the Vancouver Games, DISH Network subscribers who watch CNBC, msnbc or USA Network will see “interactive triggers” that, if activated, will lead them to the interactive NBC Olympics Showcase application, reducing the current channel to a quarter-screen while they access a variety of information about the Vancouver Games. How to access – The NBC Olympics Showcase application on DishHOME Channel 100 can be accessed by:
  • Selecting “Olympics” from the “Sports” section on DishHOME Channel 100;
  • Selecting the video banner in the upper right-hand corner of DishHOME Channel 100; or
  • Selecting the interactive trigger on CNBC, msnbc or USA Network.
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