Monthly Archives: October 2010

Food Network Dishes Up a Spooky Halloween-Themed Spread on DISH Network

The foodie professionals at Food Network sure know how to throw a spoooktacular party, complete with haunted tablescapes, wicked treats and thriller tips on how you can throw your very own Halloween-themed party at home, whether its for the kids or for a grown-ups only soiree. The lineup for Halloween specials on the Food Network […]

MTV Airs 2nd Season of Reality Show Documenting Teen Pregnancy

The MTV reality series that displays the challenges, drama and hard times of being pregnant at 16 years old, continues tomorrow on MTV for a second season of “16 and Pregnant.” This show really has a way of sucking in viewers, not just teenagers, but their parents too. This season, MTV will document the lives of nine different […]

ESPN College Football Schedule – Watch Your Fav. Teams in HDTV on DISH Network

As much as we all want to enjoy a relaxing Friday night at home or set out on the town to make the most of the day that jump starts our weekend, in reality, a lot of sports fans will be making preparations tonight for their Saturday football festivities. You and your buddies will cram on the old leather couch […]

Get TV On-The-Go With Dish Network Remote Access iPhone App

For those with iPhones or iPod Touch devices with Dish Network subscriptions, it’s a match made in TV heaven. Most of us use our DISH DVR to record the shows that we will be missing whether we’re out working or playing. The Remote Access iPhone App allows users to not only access their favorite DISH programming, […]

Sony Movie Channel Brings Blockbusters to DISH Network Subscribers

I’m excited to share the good news – your movie collection just got bigger and better! Who doesn’t love a good flick, especially when you don’t have to take a trip outside the comfort of your home to watch an entertaining film? Sony Pictures Television announced today that DISH Network subscribers will be offered the best selection in […]

Paula Abdul and Dish Network Give Viewers Something to Dance About

America clearly can’t get enough of reality dance competition shows – I know I can’t. I’ve even caught my guy friends setting their Dish DVR to DWTS and So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) so they can secretly watch their guilty pleasure after it airs. Paula Abdul is the executive producer and mentor for a new dance […]

DVR Overload, Dish Programming Recap from my Living Room Floor

Let me paint the picture for you; every Monday night I flip through the channels over and over and over again and without fail turn to my DVR list and catch up with Oprah. There is nothing that captivates me on Monday night television. Now Tuesday night is a different story. I feel anxious. I […]

Dish Network Gives Viewers DVR Bonus Through Sony Internet TV Powered With Google TV

The creative team at Sony hosted a launch party last night for its most recent product powered with Google TV software, Sony Internet TV. Sony Internet TV will be available for purchase at Sony Style outlets this weekend and is set to hit Best Buy stores later this month. The Sony Internet TV will retail for $599.99 (24-inch), […]

What’s REALLY Going on With Dish Network

Lately it seems like every time I turn on the television I am hit with ads stating that Dish Network is losing several key channels like the FX channel, National Geographic and several regional sports networks over fee increases. I would like to point out that so far nothing has changed but as a Dish Network […]

Dish Subscribers Get the Best Seat in the House

During the month of October, Dish Network is offering concert series on VH1 Front Row and CMT Front Row with popular artists from rock and country genres. This exclusive concert series is available to Dish Network subscribers in HD and SD on channel 101 at 10:00pm ET. Invite your friends and family over for fun, […]