Monthly Archives: October 2010

Reality Check – Weekend Recap

DVR spoiler alert! Just in case you haven’t had time to catch up on your Reality TV fix over the weekend, I prepared a brief review for everything you may have missed. I must say from a self proclaimed reality junkie that it was quite the interesting weekend in the ‘real world’. Keeping Up With the Kardashians/Spin Crowd on […]

Trick or Treat? Treat – If You Are a Dish Network Customer

It’s that time of year; ghosts and goblins, pumpkin carving, bowls of endless candy, and of course horror movies.  I love fall. I love everything about it, I even love the wind.  Everywhere you go the smell of cinnamon and spice is in the air and grocery stores are packed with comfort food and pumpkins.  However, […]

October FREE Preview Channels on Dish Network

There is no better time than now to take advantage of Dish Network’s free preview channels throughout the month of October. Dish Network has put together a collective package of free channels for Dish subscribers to preview during this month from sports games to home improvement specials. This is a great way to enjoy some channels […]

Dish Network Launches French News Channel in the U.S

Ouais! On a marquee!  In English it says “Yes! We scored!”  If you are one of the millions of French speaking Dish Network Television viewers you may be saying just that. In early August of 2010 Dish Network announced the partnership and launch of their 24/7 French news channel within the United States, France 24.  France […]

Fee Dispute Sparks FOX’s Decision to Pull Regional Sports Channels from Dish Subscribers

Missing out on your team’s big game is never a fun moment in time, especially when FOX blocked 19 regional sports channels, including FOX Sports North and FOX Sports Midwest from Dish Network viewers in response to a rate dispute. Local sports stations and TBS will not be affected so rest easily knowing the MLB playoffs and NFL games will […]