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TV Schedule for 2011 NBA Finals as Heat Takes on Mavericks Tuesday

It was just five years ago when the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat met up in the NBA Finals with the Heat ultimately dominating in the end. That was also in 2006 and both teams have changed since then in terms of players and court strategy. The Mavs also have Rick Carlisle coaching them this time […]

This Just In: BLOCKBUSTER Movie Rentals Slash Pricing with $0.99 Offer

Some good news for movie fans everywhere as we head into the long Memorial Day Weekend, your BLOCKBUSTER movie rentals just got even more affordable. Start saving on every BLOCKBUSTER®movie rental beginning Friday, May 27 through Monday, July 4 – just a little patriotic spirit and savings headed your way! Move over Netflix, BLOCKBUSTER® movie rentals are coming […]

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Returns to DISH TV Thursday Night

From tap to ballet, break dancing and isolations, America sure has its fair share of talent when it comes to the performing arts, with no style of dance discounted. The original dance reality series, ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ (SYTYCD) returns to FOX television, part of DISH Network programming in HD on Thursday, May 26 […]

Oprah Filled Programming on OWN Airs After Last ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ Wednesday

Saying “goodbye” to Oprah Winfrey is like saying goodbye to a dear friend, or family member even, as someone you invite into your home every weekday for the last 25 years. I wish I could say that friend was just moving down the street – to a different station, a different time, but the reality […]

Teen Country Stars Battle for ‘American Idol’ Title During Two Part Finale

“THIS…is American Idol,” host Ryan Seacrest announces weekly with a dramatic pause introducing the star-studded judges and young-gun contestants. Pinned as one of the most talented seasons ever, ‘American Idol’ season 10 has seen some of its highest ratings and greatest voter participation compared to past seasons. The remaining finalists are two teenagers from the South, […]

HBO Original Movie ‘Too Big to Fail’ Airs Monday Plus ‘Game of Thrones’ DISHOnline Deal

Investment banking institutions on the brink of collapse in 2008 as a result of greed, power and unrealistic changes in the mortgage industry spurring from the 1980’s brought upon economic distress across the nation connecting “wall street to main street.” HBO prepares to address the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression in its latest docudrama, ‘Too Big To Fail,’ Monday, May 23 at […]

Watch the 2011 Billboard Music Awards LIVE on DISH Network Sunday Night

The top artists in the music industry will be making their way to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas this weekend for the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, which will air live on DISH Network this Sunday, May 22 from 8-11pm on ABC. Viewers will get to watch performances from industry favorites like Ke$ha, Ne-Yo, OneRepublic, Far*East Movement, Rihanna, […]

Bringing Attention to Social Issues Through TV Programming

Oprah recently launched the “OWN” network with original programming designed to entertain, inform, and inspire. If you were the executive of a TV network, what kind of programming would you create? In our world today it seems that many people have a limited perspective concerning issues facing our society. People seem to close their minds […]

Discovery Channel Covers Recent Tornado Outbreak in ‘Storm Chasers’ Programming Exclusive

The recent tornado outbreak that violently swept through the Southern part of the United States, from Alabama to Mississippi, destroyed the lives of over 300 people caused by at least 200 tornadoes. The must-be-crazy ‘Storm Chasers’ on the Discovery Channel, part of DISH Network programming, were there to catch most of the whirlwind action that […]

Student Essay: News Television Provides Uncompromising Perspective

 Do you think broadcast news on TV is dead because of the Internet? Why or why not? Broadcast news today is being eclipsed more and more by the Internet and other media such as the radio. The Internet provides so much information. The information is hunted, grabbed, and condensed into a comprehensible copy that the […]