Monthly Archives: August 2011

Catch the Premiere of ‘Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero’ on the Discovery Channel

September 11th is a day that no one will forget. Lives were changed that day and now nearly a decade later a massive effort is under way to reshape ground zero into an expansive 16-acre complex, the likes of which has never been seen before. The Discovery Channel documented this historic undertaking alongside the men […]

DISH Network Looks to Move Into Mobile Broadband Networks

Dish Network seems to be exhausting their resources trying to secure their place as your top home service provider. The most recent news is sure to put them on top. Dish Network has made it official, it’s moving into wireless. In a filing made this week with the Federal Communications Commission, the satellite television provider […]

‘Inside The NFL’ is Back For a Fourth Season on Showtime Network

Now that the football season is back we are all looking forward to opening day. I hope you all have made the necessary arrangements to set up your football programming. For those of you that don’t already have Showtime in your programming lineup, may want to think about adding it. ‘Inside the NFL’ has just […]

Get Ready For The Premiere of ‘The Good Wife,’ in September on CBS

‘The Good Wife,’ starring Julianna Margulies, tells the story of Lawyer “Alicia Florrick,” her crumbling marriage and everything she does to keep her life moving after a very public scandal involving her husband. Trying to hold together the pieces of her life, “Alicia Florrick” goes to work at the law firm of her former college […]

List of Emmy Nominated Stars for The Best Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama Series

Now that summer is slowly coming to a close, we can start looking forward to the Emmys! Among the Nods and Snubs there are a lot of great Actresses and Actors that got nominated. Here’s a list of nominees for Best Actress and Actor in a Drama. Best Actress: Kathy Bates, ‘Harry’s Law’: Seven Time […]

Americans Are Spending More Money To Rent Movies Than Buy Them

  Red box movie stations are set up in every grocery store, and Netflix is in almost every household around the world. According to a new study from The Digital Entertainment Group, says Americans are spending more money on renting movies than buying them. According to this study, revenue from U.S. movie rentals increased 11 […]

ABC’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ Will Enter It’s Final Season in September

  It is the end of a TV era. One of ABC’s most popular shows ‘Desperate Housewives’ is ending after season eight. This award winning show will air its final episode of the traditionally dark comedy in May 2012. Created by Marc Cherry, it hit international recognition after its 2004 premiere. Cherry told reporters he […]

Frontier Renews their Partnership with DISH Network for Satellite Video

Frontier has recently made the switch from offering Satellite TV service and has since been focusing on FIOS installation. However they are still very happy to offer customers the service but do it via their partner, DISH Network. On Wednesday Frontier announced that they would be renewing their contract with the Satellite Giant DISH Network. […]

CBS Presidents Reveals the Identity of Ashton Kutcher’s Character in ‘Two and a Half Men’

‘Two and a Half Men’ appeared on CBS, September 22, 2003. Over the years it has captivated audiences, and has won many Emmys and received nominations for Golden Globes. America could not get enough of the onscreen chemistry between Charlie and Alan. The general public seemed just as captivated by the unfortunate drama unfolding in […]