Monthly Archives: March 2012

Don’t Miss DISH Network’s Free Channel Previews For The Month Of April

DISH Network is at it again! Offering Free Previews of Channels you may not normally subscribe too. Only DISH gives customers month-long previews of some of our best channels. Enjoy critically acclaimed shows like ‘Mad Men’ on AMC every Sunday during the month of April. Here is a list of Channels DISH is offering in […]

Let DISH Online And Blockbuster @Home Get You Ready For ‘The Hunger Games’ With Popular Sci-Fi Movies

‘The Hunger Games’ blockbuster hit is finally in theaters! If you didn’t wait in line last night to see the Midnight showing then you still have time to get properly prepared yourself to see this greatly anticipated film! In ‘The Hunger Games’, the Capitol keeps impoverished districts in order by conducting annual games in which […]

DISH Network and The Hopper Are Changing The Way Americans Watch TV

The way Americans are watching TV is changing. Many households have multiple TVs in a bunch of different rooms. There are 30 million viewers that watch on their mobile phones, 111 million watch on their DVR or VOD, 143 million are watching on the Internet, and Traditional TV still takes up 288 million viewers. With […]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day The Right Way With Blockbuster @Home

This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day which means it is time to celebrate! St. Patrick himself died on March 17th, in AD 461, after years of roaming Ireland converting pagans to Christianity. Up until 1737 St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t celebrated in the United States until the first public celebration of St. Patrick in Boston. These […]

ABC Announces Season and Series Finale Dates

ABC is following in the footsteps of The CW and has already submitted their season/series finale schedule. The CW announced they would be debuting a new show called the “The L.A. Complex” on April 24th but also announced the end dates for their other shows that are currently running.  Sadly among the dates for ABC’s […]

List Of Must See TV On Tuesday Nights

Tuesday is known to be the most productive day of the workweek. So after you are done slaving away at work, it will be nice to come home to a DVR receiver full of your favorite programming, when you get home. With the new DISH Hopper from DISH Network you can record up to six programs […]

DISH Network Free Channel Previews For The Month Of March

DISH just keeps on giving. Thursday March 1st they launched a whole new list of Free Channel Previews that will run until Tuesday March, 27th 2012. The Channels they will be featuring are channels that may not be available to you with your package. DISH Network wants to give you the amazing opportunity to experience […]