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Catch MLB Opening Day 2017 on DISH Network

MLB Opening Day 2017 on DISH Network

DISH Network Brings MLB Opening Day Back to the National Stage

Major League Baseball Opening Day is right around the corner. Spring Training is in full swing and many MLB players are even competing in the World Baseball Classic this season: a rotating international tournament held every four years, a la the Olympic Games. The first official pitch of the MLB regular season is less than a month away. If you already subscribe to DISH Network and have access to a DISH sports package, you are sitting pretty and ready for games to begin. If not, there is still time to get signed up.

Regional Bias

Baseball is a very regional sport. Unlike football or basketball, where the best players and teams are known and followed nationally, baseball is more segregated. Each region of the country follows its own team, own division, and own league very intently. However, baseball television packages follow a similar mold. Whereas football games are nationally televised each and every week, only a handful of baseball games are given the same honor. That oftentimes leaves fans in the lurch with how to watch their favorite club, especially if they live in another part of the country. Fret no more! DISH has you covered on Opening Day 2017 and throughout the season.

The DISH sports package brings baseball fans right to the action. DISH sports channels cover over 100 out-of-market games each and every week. That means, no matter where you live, you can watch your squad compete. With DISH, you no longer have to hope your team gets a rare ESPN Sunday Night Baseball appearance, or that it happens to face off against the one team in your TV market. A DISH sports package allows the viewer to control the content.

DISH doesn’t just benefit the fan living elsewhere either. It is also perfect for the true baseball fan who wants to follow the entirety of the Major Leagues. What good is living in your team’s home market if you can only watch that one game? DISH sports channels offer peerless options.

This year, that variety could be as important as ever. The league is quite talented from coast to coast. You don’t want to be pigeon-holed into watching from the vantage point of just one market.

Coast to Coast

Chicago Cubs fans live all over the world. This is certainly never more true than now, after the team captured its first World Series title in over 100 years in 2016. And the roster the Cubs are bringing back for 2017 is just as good, if not better. This looks like a dynasty in the making. It’s not a club you can afford to miss just because you live in Arizona or Maine.

The same goes for the Cleveland Indians, the team that fell to Chicago in the World Series. Cleveland returns this year even healthier and more talented than it was in the playoffs. With a superb starting rotation and a hopefully healthy bat from Michael Brantley, the Indians are primed to defend their AL pennant starting on Opening Day.

Likewise, heavy-hitters from all over the league are intriguing this season and deserve to be followed. The Boston Red Sox may be the very best team in the American League after a massive offseason trade for ace starting pitcher Chris Sale. The Los Angeles Dodgers are ready to compete with the Cubs in the National League. Boston and LA are not only two of the biggest sports towns in the country, but they have fans who live everywhere else as well. Only a DISH sports package fulfills the viewing pleasures of such fanatics.

Not Your Normal TV Experience

If variety is not enough, then perhaps variation will help as well. DISH offers viewers more ways to watch their baseball teams than ever before. The sports package, MLB Extra Innings, also includes an MLB.TV subscription. The latter is a product that can be followed from pretty much anywhere; there are over 400 devices that support the streaming of MLB.TV. You name it, and DISH covers it.

MLB Extra Innings isn’t the only channel fans will want, either. A listing of DISH sports channels also includes MLB Network: the very best 24-hour baseball network available today, and MLB Strike Zone: baseball’s answer to the NFL Red Zone channel that swept the nation.

These days, most cable channels lean so heavily toward football because of its national television popularity and contractual obligations. Baseball often gets left by the wayside, and it deserves better. MLB Network is the station that delivers what the sport deserves. From national games to highlight shows to studio shows to historical programming, MLB Network is a must-have for the premiere baseball fan. Baseball remains America’s pastime after all. It deserves its version of the NFL Network.

And just like NFL Network has a channel that zeroes in on the most exciting plays each Sunday, MLB Strike Zone does the same for baseball…except it’s twice a week! Tuesday and Friday, every week, for three to six hours a night, the Strike Zone channel cycles through every game taking place to bring you the most exciting action of that evening. It’s unbelievable this product hasn’t existed before. And frankly, once you try it out, you will have a hard time watching a normal baseball game again.

The DISH channel offers are unbeatable. Its national coverage takes baseball away from the regional specialty it has devolved into and puts it back in the national landscape. With literally hundreds of viewing options, as well as beautiful 4K ultra high-definition feeds, a baseball fan with DISH can see the blades of grass on any field for whichever team he or she desires.

Current owners are surely smiling at the possibilities. For the rest of you, there is still a bit of time to switch to DISH before Opening Day. But don’t wait too long! We are already into the second round of the WBC, and Spring Training teams are ready to head home.

MLB Opening Day 2017 Lineup

Braves Mets
Indians Rangers
Tigers White Sox
Angels Athletics
Marlins Nationals
Phillies Reds
Pirates Red Sox
Padres Dodgers
Mariners Astros
Blue Jays Orioles
Rockies Brewers
Royals Twins
Cubs Cardinals

DISH Sports Channels Are Your Ticket to March Madness 2017

March Madness 2017 on DISH Network

The month of March is made for college basketball. Even the most casual fans of the sport turn to it this month to follow the NCAA Tournament, AKA the Big Dance. The 2017 version will be no different, as this season’s collegiate teams are immensely exciting, with elite talent and a thread of parity at the top of the standings that makes it feel like anyone can win.

Hopefully you already have DISH Network for March Madness 2017. If not, you better get signed up quickly! There is no better way to watch and follow college basketball’s biggest month than with DISH sports channels.

March Madness Channel Surfing

The channels you need will be right at your fingertips. The NCAA Tournament relies on a collection of channels to stream every game live. But that is just for pure game action. What about everything else that true sports fans need to follow college basketball? DISH has you covered there as well.

With the NCAA Tournament, everything begins with CBS. That is the channel where the bracket was revealed. It is the channel where all the biggest games will be televised. From there, Turner has you covered. TBS, TNT, and TruTV pick up the rest of the action. When the NCAA came to this agreement with CBS and Turner a few years back, it was a godsend. No longer would fans be at the mercy of the television production to switch back and forth between exciting finishes. Now, the entire tournament would be in the hands of the customer. Follow your bracket’s favorites and Cinderellas wherever and whenever they may be playing, whether that is Duke, North Carolina, Gonzaga, or even the Vermont Catamounts.

But DISH isn’t just about the main sports channels. It also offers fans a wide array of specialty channels that can’t be viewed from an old antenna or bare-bones cable subscription.

Find the Best Games with DISH Network Sports Channels

Many conferences now offer their own stations, and DISH has them all: the Big Ten Network, the SEC Network, the Pac-12 Network, even the Longhorn Network. After falling in the Big 12 conference tournament to West Virginia, the Texas Longhorns will not see any action in the NCAA Tournament this March, but fans and past attendees of the school can keep up with their club just the same. Head coach Shaka Smart had found oodles of success at his past stop in VCU, where he brought the Rams to five tourney berths and one Final Four in six seasons. It seems like just a matter of time before he turns around the Texas program as well.

The Big Ten, SEC, and Pac-12 Networks should be more catered to Tournament action. Any of the three have a slew of teams primed to challenge for their own Final Four berths near the end of the month.

The Big Ten had eight schools finish with at least 10 conference wins this regular season. The conference is incredibly balanced at the top. There is no telling how far some of the elite squads could go. Purdue and Wisconsin probably have the highest upside, but Maryland, Michigan, and others could create havoc. Even Northwestern, who is making its first NCAA Tournament berth in school history in 2016-17, has a fighting chance of doing damage.

The SEC is more top-heavy, led by the Kentucky Wildcats once again. It seems like UK leads this group every year, and head coach John Calipari has them ready to battle in the postseason again. Two freshmen highlight Kentucky’s attack: point guard De’Aaron Fox and wing Malik Monk. Each is a likely NBA lottery pick later this summer, but they have work to do first against fellow college students.

And in the Pac-12, we have three of the best 10 teams in the country all entering the tournament together. Arizona, Oregon, and UCLA have immense talent, experience and star power. There is, perhaps, no better trio in any other conference in the country.

The Arizona Wildcats run nine deep, and they are all supremely gifted. Perhaps no one more so than Finnish freshman Lauri Markkanen: a seven-footer who can step out and hit threes. The Cats just knocked off Oregon to win the Pac-12 Tournament. Don’t count out the Ducks for the Big Dance, though. It hurts that Chris Boucher will not play again this season thanks to a torn ACL, but Oregon still has weapons. And then there are the Bruins, who may be the best of the bunch! UCLA’s prolific offense is led by freshman phenom Lonzo Ball. He may hear his named called as the first pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, but first he’ll attempt to put up double-doubles in the NCAA.

Home or On the Road

If DISH supplying all those viewing locales wasn’t enough, it also brings viewers incredible versatility in viewing options. The Dish Anywhere app has you covered. It allows fans to watch and/or record college basketball tournament games. This means, as long as you have access to an internet connection, the games are always accessible. Whether that means through a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home PC, DISH is never out of reach.

DISH apps go further than that too, if you can believe it. With Game Finder, fans can search for specific teams or matchups, follow stats and scores lives, and even follow real-time excitement rankings to tune in to the best games of the day. There really is no better coverage this March than what DISH Network offers.

There are pricing options that make this a fair and unbeatable bargain, especially for those with the TV to capture the beautiful 4K ultra high-definition streaming picture DISH can deliver. While your friends are forced to go out to a bar or gather around and old cable service, be the king or queen of March Madness with DISH.

Get Prepared for March Madness 2017

Make sure you have all the sports channels you need by ordering DISH Network satellite TV today! Check our our selection of DISH TV packages or head straight to our Order DISH page to find the right package for you.

Hopper With Sling Now Available From Dish Network

On January 17, 2013 new DISH Network customers will be able to enjoy Sling functionality with the Hopper to allow on-the-go connectively to your home Dish progra and DVR shows through your phone or tablet. And with built-in Wi-Fi you can connect easily to your wireless Broadband Internet network without any extra accessories! Now you can take your home programming and DVR shows with you when you’re are out and about during the day.

The Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR already offers you up to 2,000 hours of recording capability. The PrimeTime Anytime functionality records most of the primetime programming on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC with just one click then allows you the option to skip over commercials with AutoHop.

But now, with built-in Sling technology and Wi-Fi available on Hopper with Sling, you can enjoy such new features as Hopper Transfers and DISH Explorer. Check out these cool new features.

Hopper Transfers**
Only available with Hopper with Sling and the iPad®.
Hopper Transfers allow you to transfer your DVR recordings*** to your iPad and watch them from anywhere. No Broadband Internet connection is required to watch this content on your mobile device.
• Hopper Transfers technology is currently only available for iPad.

DISH Explorer**
DISH Explorer offers new content and interactive features for your Hopper or Hopper with Sling. See below for some examples of what this new functionality provides.
• Access the EPG, “What’s Hot”, Rotten Tomatoes or Thuuz ratings on Hopper through your iPad.
• Access additional information about the program that you’re watching (and comment on the program) by accessing the live Twitter® feed for the program (see screen shot on the right). Or sign into your own Facebook® or Twitter accounts to join the conversation.
• Use your iPad as a remote control for your Hopper.
• DISH Explorer technology is currently only available for the iPad.
*Must be enabled by the customer.
**Requires Broadband Internet connection to Hopper.
***Select DVR recordings cannot be transferred.

To order your new Hopper with built-in Sling technology call 888-582-4883 now!

Watch Dish Network On Your Phone Or Tablet

Want to watch your home television channels and DVR’d shows on your phone, tablet or computer? Dish Network’s “Dish Anywhere” lets you watch you’re subscription programming whenever and wherever you want!

There Are Two Ways To Experience DISH Anywhere

1) Watch On Your Computer

– Simply Login to your account @

Features For Dish Anywhere On Your Computer:

• Watch Live TV or DVR Recordings – Unlike other pay-TV providers we let you watch all of the channels in the programming packages you are subscribing to on your PC or laptop, so you can watch live TV or DVR recordings even when you’re not in front of your TV. Requires a Broadband Internet- connected, Sling-enabled DVR*.

• Enjoy Free On Demand Content – A video lover’s dream library of thousands of shows and movies. From your computer or laptop, search from episodes of current shows such as ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” CBS’ “Elementary” or NBC’s “30 Rock” as well as episodes of older classics such as “Happy Days” and “Gunsmoke.”

• Access Premium On Demand Content – Enjoy episodes and movies from networks you are subscribing to such as Cinemax®, HBO® and Starz®. Recent and classic shows include “Game of Thrones” and “The Sopranos” (both from HBO) and “Magic City” and “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” (both from Starz). Movies include content such as “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo” and “Thor.” Content access is based on customer subscription and requires you to login with your DISH Online ID.

• View Blockbuster @Home™ – Customers with a Blockbuster @Home subscription get access to even more content – thousands of On Demand titles, including popular children’s titles.

• Browse Program Guide – Access the Program Guide to search DISH programming by title, genre, network, keyword or actor.

• Manage Your DVR – Browse the Program Guide and schedule timers from your computer or laptop as well as delete timers and resolve recording conflicts. Requires a Broadband Internet-connected DVR.

• Account Management – Set the default recording settings on your DVR (such as start/stop times). *Requires Broadband Internet-connected ViP® 722(k); Hopper with a Sling Adapter accessory; ViP 922; or the new Hopper with Sling.

2) Watch On Your Phone Or Tablet

– Simply Download the DISH Anywhere app to your device.

– Requires a DISH subscription and a Broadband Internet-connected Sling-enabled DVR

Features For Dish Anywhere On Your Phone Or Tablet:

•Watch Live TV or DVR Recordings

• Enjoy Free Content (only available on iPad®)

• Access Premium Content (only available on iPad®)

• Browse Program Guide • Manage Your DVR

• Use Remote Control – Turn your tablet or other mobile device into a remote control for your TV – change channels, pause live TV and play recorded programs. Not available for Hopper or Hopper with Sling. *Requires Broadband Internet-connected ViP 722(k); Hopper with a Sling Adapter accessory; ViP 922; or the new Hopper with Sling.

DISH Anywhere App Details:

• Download the DISH Anywhere mobile app and enjoy select features of DISH Anywhere from your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® Touch, Android® mobile phone or Android tablet.

• •For Apple® devices – The DISH Anywhere app is available to install from the App Store.

• •For Android® devices – The DISH Anywhere app is available to install from Google Play.

DISH Network’s Hopper VS DIRECTV’s Genie

Among high definition digital video recorders, there are two systems that are currently leading the home DVR market. These devices are the Hopper and Joey system from DISH Network and DirecTV’s Genie DVR.

With numerous manufacturer claims, marketing tactics and Internet fluff, it can be difficult to determine which DVR is best for you. In order to find out how DISH Network’s Hopper stacks up against DirecTV’s Genie, we must take a look at the features, performance and technical specifications of both units from an objective consumer point of view.

Both devices offer full HD recording in multiple rooms. The Hopper and the Genie allow live or recorded viewing in up to 4 different rooms at once. Although DirecTV’s Genie does this with just one box, the Hopper achieves its multi-room support via Joey units hooked to each additional TV.

While the Hopper system requires the use of these devices, it’s important to note that these devices bring operational and control convenience to the additional rooms as well. The use of Joey’s also eliminate the need for long cables because they can be configured for wireless connectivity to the Hopper.

Smart capabilities and features are also comparable between the two devices. You can access Facebook and Twitter along with news, sports and weather on both devices. The Hopper features Blockbuster @ home while the Genie allows you to watch Youtube on your TV. This is the only clear difference between the smart application abilities of these units.

On the surface, both DVR systems appear similar. The real differences can be found in the technical specifications of each device. DirecTV’s Genie comes equipped with a 1TB hard disk drive and can record up to 200 hours of high definition video. The Hopper offers double the hard drive capacity at 2TB and 500 hours of HD recording.

This double capacity makes perfect sense when you consider that DISH Network’s Hopper system can be extended to 6 televisions and allows two Hopper devices per account. DirecTV only supports 4 televisions and only offers one Genie per account.

In addition to this, the DirecTV Genie can only record 5 programs simultaneously. The Hopper ups this number to 6 because of its exclusive Primetime Anytime feature. DirecTV’s Genie also lacks the Bluetooth integration abilities of the Hopper. This feature will allow you to listen to your television audio via Bluetooth headset or other Bluetooth enabled audio device.

Both units are offered at a comparable monthly rate, but the Hopper wins here again. At around 7 dollars less per month than the Genie, the Hopper is more affordable and features performance and capabilities not found with DirecTV’s Genie service. With double the recording capacity, support for more televisions and a remote control locate feature, DISH Network’s Hopper is clearly the best DVR system available today.

What’s the best choice between Cable TV, Satellite TV & Internet TV

In the early days of television broadcasts, the only way to receive programming was through the air. Due to limited bandwidth on the airwaves, only a few stations could be broadcast at a time. As technology progressed, companies were able to develop alternative ways to deliver content to their customer’s televisions. One way was through high-bandwidth cables that allowed for a huge expansion in the amount of content that could be delivered into homes. After cable came satellites that could deliver content through receiver dishes installed in the customer’s home. This expanded the amount of available content even further. The latest form of content delivery comes from the Internet. A variety of different streaming services offer unlimited or a la carte on demand content.

Cable TV

Television cable programming is delivered through an extensive network of underground cables that feed to a central office. Due to the large infrastructure costs during initial construction, cable companies justify charging very high prices for their service. Cable television bills can reach $100 for the most basic service, and customers who want a lot of premium content can expect to pay more than $200 per month. Cable subscriptions are also susceptible to blackouts of local sports. Cable television is reliable, but its high costs and inflexibility have caused a lot of customers to look elsewhere.

Internet TV

High-bandwidth internet access has allowed content providers to begin streaming programs through a customer’s internet connection. This can be done through game consoles, special TV-top boxes and DVD/Blu-Ray players. Streaming content over the Internet requires additional subscription costs that go beyond payments to an ISP. These subscriptions usually cost less than $10, but the selection of available movies and television shows can be very limited. Internet TV is becoming an attractive option for customers looking to get away from the high costs of cable.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV is special in its ability to deliver content that would not normally be available to customers in a specific area. For example, satellite providers could offer programming that is only available to certain cities to customers all across the world. This is especially attractive to sports fans who want to access games that aren’t available through cable or the Internet. With packages costing as little as $30 a month, satellite TV usually cost much less than traditional cable. This is because satellite television can be scaled to a large group of customers without significant infrastructure costs. Satellite also doesn’t require the presence of an existing Internet subscription, making the cost even cheaper than Internet TV.

Cantonese TV Programming Jadeworld TVB

Jadeworld, also known as Jadeworld TV or TVB USA is a mostly Cantonese-language set of television channels, serving as an overseas station to Hong Kong televisions’ TVB (or Television Broadcasts Limited). On November 18th, 2012 the TVB channels will be moving to DISH Network and DISH will now be the only satellite internet provider to carry the various TVB channels. Moving away from the channels and onto what they broadcast, TVB1 and TVB2 offer a wide variety of dramas, variety shows, entertainment, news, and sports programs. The two most popular of the dramas are the So (named for the So company’s sponsorship) and Gold Dramas. The So Drama changes on a monthly basis, which helps to keep interest going. Another recurring program is A Kindred Spirit, which is aired once a day, with repeats throughout that day. Variety shows change every week, but mostly air on “USA West” and tend to air the most on Saturdays, most notably with the “Saturday Spectacular” show. USA West also airs programming such as the Miss Hong Kong pageant, the Miss Chinese International pageant, and TVB Anniversary shows on an annual basis. Both channels air morning and evening news from Hong Kong, as well as a self-produced “US News.” Sports are limited, revolving around Hong Kong Sports for the most part. Sports are usually isolated to “USA West” and are highlighted during the program known as “Sports World.” This channel also covers footage of the World Cup and Olympic games when those events are going on. Popular shows airing on the channels these days include anime and “live action shows” imported from Japan like Naruto and Kamen Rider, dramas such as Witness Insecurity and Ghetto Justice II, and even programs inspired by American television shows; Forensic Heroes is an obvious doppelganger to “CSI” and the popular show “Dicey Business” is akin to a clone of the US show “Las Vegas.” For more information on the TVB channels or to pre-order the TVB Jadworld package on DISH Network call 866.356.2658.  

TVB Shows “The Confidant” & “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles”

TVB is a Cantonese television station that is known for its exciting, dramatic and endearing television shows. Two great new Cantonese shows have recently been produced by the station. These shows, which are called “The Confidant” and “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles,” are both historic dramas, and should not be missed by any fans of Chinese or Cantonese television. “The Confidant” takes place sometime between the mid 1800s and the early 1900s. It follows the story of Li Linying, played by Wayne Lai. He is a eunuch who was brought to the royal palace, the seat of the Qing dynasty. Li is taught next to another young eunuch, whom he befriends, but as time goes on, both boys begin to become caught up in political schemes and scandals. The Empress Dowager Ci’an, played by Maggie Shiu, is working with the prince to gain power over the second Empress Dowager, Cixi, played by Michelle Yim. Li befriends Cixi and, as the years pass, he begins to help her more and more. Eventually he becomes one of her closest friends and most trusted advisors. This thrilling drama began airing on November 5, 2012, and will continue running until December 16, 2012. Silver Spoon, Sterling ShacklesLike “The Confidant,” “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” is a historic drama, but takes place much later, in the 1920s and 1930s. It follows the lives of the members of a large family that lives in Hong Kong. The family is quite wealthy due to the fact that the patriarch, Sir Arthur Chung, played by Damian Lau, is the first Chinese barrister. Chung is so wealthy that he is able to marry four different women. Each wife has her own story and agenda. In addition, Chung’s children all have their own troubles and love interests. As the show progress, the lives of Chung and his family become more and more tangled, leading to drama, hidden affairs and the revelation of secrets. “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” began airing on October 22, 2012 and will continue airing for a full forty episodes. The show will end on December 14, 2012. Watch these shows on Dish Network Jadeworld starting November 18th. Pre-Order your package today call 866.353.2658.

5 Awesome Facts You May Not Know About DISH Network

  • We offer low prices: Right now they are offering Packages starting as low at $19.99 a month for 24 months. Yes, you heard that right! Packages starting at $19.99/mo for the same channels you are already used to getting.
  • Free channel previews: Every Month DISH Network puts out a list of Free Channel Previews that they offer. They offer these free previews for customers that may not normally subscribe to them. For example in the month of March they are offering, the GAC Channel, The WFN Network, The Rural TV Channel, Sony Movie Channel, Universal Sports Channel and The Fox Business Network.
  • Movie channels Are Not Extra: For the first three months of new service, subscribers can take advantage of DISH Network’s free movie channel offers. The best of the best like HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax are complimentary. Enjoy some the best TV shows and exclusive hit movies with these complimentary movie channels.
  • You can watch from anywhere: Never have to miss a show. You can watch the same normal programming from anywhere at anytime. With DISH Remote Access you can now watch shows on your TV, phone or computer available on your ipad, iphone, ipod, ipod touch and android phones.
  • You will have free HD for life: DISH Network is the only TV provider to give you free HD for life. They also offer over 200+ HD channels and movies in 1080p HD. You won’t ever had to pay for High Definition television  again!
To learn more about any of these satellite TV programming features visit us at DISH Systems or call (866)989-3474.