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7 New International Channels On DISH Network

by Andrew

Posted on January 22, 2010

DISH is delighted to announce that effective January 20, 2010, it launched new Malayalam-, Hindi- and Russian-language channels! These new channels will be available for no additional charge to customers who subscribe to eligible programming packages. Please continue reading for more details. Malayalam Programming – “V-Kairali” and “People TV” Available January 20, 2010 They  have launched two new Malayalam-language channels – “V-Kairali” and “People TV”! Now customers who subscribe to the Malayalam Mega Pack will be able to enjoy these great South Asian channels for no additional charge! “V-Kairali” is a 24 hour entertainment channel targeted at Malayalee youth that offers a diverse mix of programming including movies, fashion, music and dance, games shows, phone-in shows and more. The “V-Kairali” channel boasts an array of trend setting programs such as "Dew Drops," comedy shows such as "Fun time" and "Time," and musical shows such as "Golden Hits," " We music station" and much more. “V-Kairali” aspires to produce programs that reflect the lifestyle, tastes and attitude of new generation Malayalees in India and abroad. Hindi Programming – “aapka Colors” Available January 20, 2010 DISH Network is pleased to announce that “aapka Colors” will now be available as part of the Hindi Mega Pack and the Hindi Super Pack for no additional charge! “aapka Colors” is India’s number one TV channel. Known as “Colors” in India, this Hindi-language channel offers a market leading palette of emotional dramas and variety programming that is sure to enthrall viewers. The channel features a number of successful programs such as “Balika Vadhu,” “Jai Shri Krishna” and “Uttaran.” Russian Programming – “La Minor,” “Maks TV,” “Russian Life” and “Zhivi” Available January 20, 2010 Effective January 20th DISH launched four new Russian-language channels into the Russian Mega Pack! Now customers who subscribe to the Russian Mega Pack will be able to enjoy these channels for no additional charge! “La Minor” is top ranked music channel, dedicated to chanson, ballads and lyrical soulful songs that are rooted in Russian folk music with elements of “city romance” guitar poetry. It offers of music videos, ballad-style concerts with favorite performers, talk shows and interviews with musicians, films, and interactive games. “La Minor” has been awarded the Russian National award “Our Songs-2009” for contributing to the support and development of the ballad style “avtorskaya pesnya.” “Maks TV” offers a wide variety of Russian music videos that are sure to satisfy any music lover. The channel offers music videos produced in Russia and the U.S., concerts, and talk shows with famous singers and performers. “Russian Life” is a virtual journey into civilized Russia, into real life without politics or propaganda, illusions or horrors. Specifically designed for the “Russian Diaspora” in the U.S., the channel is about middle-class Russian lifestyle, how they have fun and adjust to various life situations. “Russian Life” gives the viewer the psychological comfort and understanding of the similarity of ordinary people lifestyles, including four shows about Russians living in the U.S. “Zhivi” is entirely dedicated to wellness and healthy lifestyle for those who are interested in staying active, healthy and holistically oriented. “Zhivi” offers a virtual gym with various fitness routines (including Tae-bo, Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, aerobics, kick-boxing, stretching, Tai-chi, Hatha-yoga, hip-hop, belly dancing and more), conducted by leading coaches and professional fitness instructors. Entertainment programs, educational documentaries and holistic talk shows describe various approaches to healthy lifestyle and necessary changes to accomplish the goal of complete well-being. For more information on international programming or to order DISH Network call 866.989.3474 or visit Dish Systems online.