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ABC Family Premieres an all New Season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Tonight at 8pm

by Andrew

Posted on June 5, 2012

Pretty-Little-Liars-CastAs if we needed to remind all the PLL fans out there, but ‘Pretty Little Liars’ returns for a third season tonight on ABC Family. We have seen many previews, but none as telling as the first ten minutes that have hit the web. The season opens back in Rosewood at the end of summer. The girls have gathered at Spencer’s parent’s house to catch up on how each other has been doing since finding out who the elusive “A” is. In this scene we find out how Emily has been handling finding out that her girlfriend Maya has been killed, and dealing with getting harassed by people pretending to be “A”. This will be the first time the girls realize just how damaged Emily is by her incessant drinking. After having fallen asleep the girls wake up to find Emily gone, after searching the hasting’s compound they mysteriously know that they should search the woods and graveyard where Allison DiLaurentis is buried. They find Emily as she is standing over Allison’s empty grave with a shovel in hand. They realize that she couldn’t possibly have done this, since she can barely stand up considering she is still drunk from the night before. As she stumbles to the ground, the girls try and decide what to do. Spencer has the smart idea to look in her phone and see if anyone called her and told her to meet them in the graveyard. What Spencer discovers is that not only did Emily get a blocked call; she also got a call from Spencer’s phone around 12am. Since all the other girls were sleeping, this could only mean that someone snuck in the hasting’s home to call Emily from Spencer’s phone… but who? The next thing for the girls to do is get rid of the evidence and cover their tracks from the night before. While Hanna and Aria drive through deserted Rosewood, they see a scraggly-looking Lucas leaving a building to get into his car. Back at the Hastings’s Emily and Spencer are trying to determine who could have possibly led her out to the grave in the middle of the night. Spencer decides that it would be best to head up to her parents Lake House and pretend like they were there the night before. Tune into ABC Family tonight at 8pm for an all new episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’. To learn more about your satellite TV programming package visit us at or call (866)989-3474.