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ABC To Follow in Fox Networks Footsteps and Provide Online Access to Pay TV Providers

by Andrew

Posted on August 16, 2011

Following Fox’s decision last month to limit online access to complete Fox TV episodes to subscribers from DISH Network and other pay TV providers with licensing deals, Fox pulled free episodes from and Hulu. This means those of you that attempted to access full-length episodes from ‘Family Guy’, ‘Fringe’ and other Fox series Monday were prompted to select which pay TV provider they subscribe to. DISH Network is currently the only distributor that has a rights deal with Fox to provide this content to their subscribers. Fox’s decision for this is in large part a plan they have put in place to set up a pay wall. This pay wall would then encourage viewers to push their local cable provider to reach agreements with the network to give them access to the site.  Fox is not the only TV Network planning to do this. ABC is also planning to kick off their version of the pay wall. According to people familiar with the company’s plans, ABC will join Fox in their efforts of only offering free programming to Hulu Plus and DISH network subscribers eight days before non subscribers. Disney hasn't formally commented on its plans for “authentication” for ABC broadcast shows on and Hulu, but CEO Bob Iger pretty much said just that last week during his company’s earnings call. “The Relationship that we have with the distributors is a very valuable one, and it’s one that we aim to respect by both protecting what we currently have and determining or figuring out ways that we can expand on it,” Said Iger. “You are right in your assessment that we’ll basically push the window back or make access to the programming more difficult or later, except if customers are authenticated as a subscriber.” Don’t miss out on the opportunity to view Fox and ABC approved content online eight days before other subscribers. To subscribe to DISH online to your programming visit us online at Dish Systems or call (888)566-3979. What are you favorite shows on Fox? What are your favorite shows on ABC? Don't miss out on new shows from the series 'Family Guy'.