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Academy Award Winning Documentary Film ‘Saving Face’ Debuts March 8 On HBO

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on February 27, 2012

Documentary film ‘Saving Face’ about the victims that suffered from gruesome acid attacks won an Oscar this past Sunday.  ‘Saving Face’ details the work of a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohammad Jawad as he travels across Pakistan as he performs reconstructive surgery on survivors of acid violence. The Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, and the co-director, Daniel Jung won the award for the best short documentary. This marks the second big victory for a film produced in the region. The award for best foreign language film went to the Iranian movie, “A Separation.” According to a press release, Obaid-Chinoy has produced 16 critically acclaimed films, all of which have been aired internationally. Every year in Pakistan, many people—majority of them being women—are known to be victimized by brutal acid attacks. The victims of these attacks, either have to deal with their case being unreported or not having access to reconstructive surgery. Survivors generally are physically and emotionally scarred and a huge group of known reported assailants are typically their husbands or someone else close to the victim. ‘Saving Face’ debuts exclusively on HBO, on Thursday March 8th, 2012. This documentary chronicles the arduous attempts of acid-attack survivors Zakia and Rukhsana to bring their assailants to justice, and follows the charitable work of Dr. Mohammad Jawad as he strives to help the victims move beyond this horrific act and move on with their lives. To learn more about adding HBO to your list of Satellite TV Programming visit us at or call (866)989-3474. Tune in to HBO on Thursday, March 8th 2012 to view this award winning documentary.