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A&E Announces New Series Lineup and Programming Renewals on DISH TV 2011-2012

by Andrew

Posted on May 9, 2011

Gene Simmons Family Jewels Renewed on AE A&E recently announced its new additions and renewals to its programming lineup throughout 2011 and into 2012, part of the DISH America satellite TV packages. A&E is already home to a diverse group of TV shows from reality TV series to documentaries and fictional dramas, including popular shows like 'Storage Wars' and 'Hoarders.' A&E is not only planning on bulking up its documentary and reality series programming with the help of mega-producers Mark Burnett ('Survivor') and Ryan Seacrest ('Keeping up with the Kardashians'), but the network will also focus on two new drama series in addition to a scripted mini-series. Below, you'll find a complete list of A&E's ten new series it has in the works along with the ten current shows that will be renewed for another season. A&E New Programming Additions (13):
  • 'Boar Hunters,' non-fiction series, expected launch - Q3 2011: Camera crews follow the professional and personal lives of a family business of hog hunters in Texas.
  • 'InLaws,' non-fiction series, expected launch - Q3 2011: A new family with "in-law" issues will be features each week as a relationship expert helps save the marriage and the relationship with the in-laws.
  • 'Storage Wars: Dallas,' non-fiction series, expected launch - Q3 2011: A spinoff series of 'Storage Wars,' the storage auctions continue across America, next stop...Dallas, Texas.
  • 'Ship Happens,' non-fiction series, expected launch - Q4 2011: A closer look at the profession of truckers in the shipping industry for unique transports including airplanes.
  • 'Hands On,' non-fiction series, expected launch - TBD: A game show where competitors must keep their hand on the prize (literally) the longest in order to win the grand prize (from a car to groceries for a year).
  • 'Family Bonding,' non-fiction series, expected launch - TBD: Giving the word "togetherness" a whole new meaning, two family members will be hand-cuffed together for two days as cameras follow the pair around.
  • 'Profilers,' non-fiction series, expected launch - TBD: Former FBI profilers will be filmed as they head across the country to help "local law enforcement" crack real-life cases.
  • 'Cajun Blue,' non-fiction series, expected launch - TBD: A reality take on 'NYPD Blue' goes Cajun, following police officers in the Louisiana Bayou area.
  • 'Duckmen,' non-fiction series, expected launch - TBD: Camera crews will follow the lives of a family who's million dollar business is all about the ducks.
  • 'Model Apartment,' non-fiction series, expected launch - TBD: A reality series that gives viewers a look into the lives of six up-and-coming models and how they deal with industry pressure.
  • 'Coma,' mini-series, expected launch - May, 2012: Based on the Robin Cook novel and Michael Crichton film, this "medical thriller" stars a doctor trying to solve a mystery in his own operating room.
  • 'Big Mike,' fiction drama series, expected launch - TBD: A fictional drama starring Greg Grunberg who plays a plus-size detective in San Diego.
  • 'Longmire,' fiction drama series, expected launch - TBD: The story of a widowed sheriff based on Craig Johnson's 'The Walt Longmire Mystery Novels.'
A&E Programming Renewals (9):
  • 'The Glades,' fiction drama series, new season premieres June 5, 2011 at 10pm.
  • 'Storage Wars,' non-fiction series, second season premieres July 2011
  • 'Beyond Scared Straight,' non-fiction series, second season premieres summer 2011
  • 'The First 48,' non-fiction series, eleventh season premieres summer 2011
  • 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels,' non-fiction series, sixth season premieres June 14, 2011 (pictured above)
  • 'Billy the Exterminator,' non-fiction series, fourth season premieres summer 2011
  • 'Hoarders,' non-fiction series, fourth season premieres summer 2011
  • 'Intervention,' non-fiction series, tenth season premieres Q4 2011
  • 'Dog the Bounty Hunter,' non-fiction series, ninth season premieres Q4 2011
'Manhunters' was already renewed for its third season in March, while 'Parking Wars' premiered its fifth season last month in April. Watch a clip from the current season of 'Storage Wars' on A&E which airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on channel 118, and be sure to tune in to the spinoff series 'Storage Wars: Dallas' later this year. To learn more about the channel lineup available under the DISH America satellite TV package, visit DISH Network authorized retailer DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474. Are you a fan of any of the A&E shows that have been renewed for another season? Which new A&E series are you most excited to watch?