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An Ode to Comcast About Satellite Television’s Hero Mona Shaw

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on October 22, 2007

Honey, get me the hammer”, A Comcast fairytale unravels Comcastically Rendition of “There was an Old Lady Lived in A Shoe” You’ve heard about Superman and Spiderman and the tales of Mighty Mouse, but have you heard about the old lady in Bristow, and her little brick red house? Her name is Mona Shaw shes the old lady with a hammer, Who vandalized a Comcast office and still managed to avoid the slammer. So fed up with poor service, and the installer that just never bothered to show, And the supervisor who left for the day and all of Comcasts excuses and woes. She decided to take matters into her own hands, Becoming a modern day hero and gaining lots of fans. She smashed the receptionists keyboard, and knocked over the monitor, She even smashed the telephone…this old lady is hard core. Later on that day police arrested Shaw for disorderly conduct, she received a three-month suspended sentence, and was fined $345 bucks. Here is some little advice for that corporate bully Comcast, Rate hikes and poor customer service are going to send your customers running fast, To your competitors like Dish Network, whose customer service is ranked #1, With 13 million customers and still able to get the job done. With 24 hour customer service and mangers who don’t just “leave for the day”, It seems pretty clear that there is not too much else to say. For more information feel free to call Dish Network’s customer service center, And please let us help you remove the corporate cable splinter. And here is one last note before we end Comcast’s fairytale gone wrong, Step it up cable companies because its “On like Donkey Kong”! For more information on all Dish Network has to offer call 1-866-989-3474 or visit their website at