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Catch MLB Opening Day 2017 on DISH Network

DISH Network Brings MLB Opening Day Back to the National Stage Major League Baseball Opening Day is right around the corner. Spring Training is in full swing and many MLB players are even competing in the World Baseball Classic this season: a rotating international tournament held every four years, a la the Olympic Games. The […]

DISH Perks: Free Show Previews For June 1st- June 30th 2012

Who doesn’t love free things? Free channels, free movie previews, free shows! You name it, DISH Network has got you covered. This month not only do they have a huge list of Free Channel Previews but they are also offering three different show previews for subscribers to check out before purchasing. Here is a list […]

The CW Announces the Dates for their Sizzling Summer Programming

The CW doesn’t plan on taking a summer break. They plan to keep five summer premieres unspooling over the next few months. Now that ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘90210’, etc have taking their summer break, the Primetime slots are being filled by great new feature programming that you won’t want to miss! ‘The Catalina’ is one of […]

ABC Family Premieres an all New Season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Tonight at 8pm

As if we needed to remind all the PLL fans out there, but ‘Pretty Little Liars’ returns for a third season tonight on ABC Family. We have seen many previews, but none as telling as the first ten minutes that have hit the web. The season opens back in Rosewood at the end of summer. […]

DISH Perks: DISH Network Offering Free Preview Of The ‘Cooking Channel’ In June

DISH Network offers the best in free programming, and each month they feature different channels that their users may not get from their usual packages. Only DISH offers you month-long previews of some of the best channels out there! So before you buy you can now check out these channels, for FREE! With G4 channel […]

DISH Free Show Preview: Don’t Miss An All New “Hard Parts: South Bronx” Tonight At 10pm

You have one more day to take advantage of DISH show in Free Preview. The show being featured is “Hard Parts: South Bronx”, a real life look into the life of business owner, Joe Ferrer, and his tough-as-nails auto parts team as they hunt down impossible-to-find auto parts. These guys know how to work hard […]

DISH Defends The AutoHop And Files Lawsuit Against CBS, NBC and Fox Networks

Don’t worry DISH Network subscribers, DISH Network has no plans to back down and remove their “Auto Hop” feature which allows users to watch recorded shows without having to watch any of the commercials. DISH Network was the first to file a lawsuit in defense of their AutoHop commercial skipping feature in a response to […]

DISH Network Comes Out On Top Of DirecTV In The Pay-TV Industry

DISH Network has reported its Q1 earnings and is happy to report that it has surpassed its competitor in the Pay-TV industry, DirecTV. Looking at the two companies in terms of new subscriptions DirecTV added 81,000 subscribers but DISH Network added over 104,000. DISH made its push for the top spot when they acquired Blockbuster […]