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Blockbuster @Home Helps You Celebrate National Pet Day With Pet-Friendly Programming

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on February 20, 2012

Today is National Pet Day. Today is the official day for pampering your pet with a little extra love and affection to sow them just how much you care. Most households in America have at least one pet, whether it be a fish, cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, it all depends on the households preference. Approximately 39% of US households own at least one dog, and 33% of households own a cat. Pets provide their owners with a wonderful sense of companionship and actually are very beneficial to the owner by helping to decrease their blood pressure and stress. They are make great companions for movies and end up playing a big role in some heartwarming movies. Here is a list of some of the greatest Movies that have a pet playing a leading role:
  • ‘Shrek 2’ (Puss in Boots): Puss in Boots had viewers purring with delight with his arsenal of weapons, those adorable liquid eyes and that staggering latin swagger. How can you not be drawn to this adorable kitty!
  • ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (Toto): Toto played Dorothy’s faithful companion that had his share of notable moments in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The Wicked Witch of the West threatened not only Dorothy but her little dog too! Toto was also responsible for the movie’s biggest reveal of all—pulling the curtain on the Wizard himself.
  • ‘Turner and Hooch’ (Hooch): This mastiff may seem destructive and drooly but he is actually a very endearing character. This beer-swilling canine teamed up with Tom Hanks in ‘Turner and Hooch’. Hooch made a worthy pal for Hanks as he tries to solve a murder.
  • ‘Babe’ (Babe):  This pig captured our hearts as a wannabe sheepdog that saves himself from being served with eggs and toast. He is able to do this by having the keen ability to herd sheep. In addition to his herding abilities he also loves to sing!
  •  ‘Lassie Come Home’ (Lassie): One of the most loyal pets in show biz. Lassie made the long trek back to his rightful owner when they were forced to sell their home and move. The movie and Lassie inspired directors to create a successful television series and warmed the hearts of generations of collie lovers.
  • ‘Marley and Me’ (Marley): The golden Labrador retriever from 2008’s ‘Marley and Me’ was so rambunctious that his owner dubbed him the world’s worst dog. The dog tugs on the heart strings though and by the end of the movie you will likely use a box of tissues to get through it.
Many different kinds of animals have played indelible parts in movies throughout the years. Show them you care and curl up with one of your favorite pet movies and celebrate National Pet Day. Blockbuster @Home gives subscribers access to these heartwarming movies about man’s best friends. To learn more about adding Blockbuster @Home to your list of satellite TV programming package visit us at or call (866)989-3474.