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Bloomberg Interactive on DISH Network

by Andrew

Posted on January 6, 2009

Bring the stock action right in to your living room with real-time New York Stock Exchange and Standard & Poor’s Index tickers with DISH Network’s Bloomberg Interactive. And with the multi-screen format you don’t have to worry about flipping channels or waiting for the screen to switch, you have all the info you need – all day long. You can also personalize your financial news with Dish Network – all day, every day. Bloomberg Television is the only news network with 24-hour money news, overnight coverage of foreign markets and weekend financial updates. Get over 6,000 FREE quotes, market news and graphs for DOW, NASDAQ and SPX stocks with Bloomberg Interactive. Set up a personal portfolio for ultimate convenience and up-to-the-minute investment savvy. Instead of lying on the couch watching programs that aren’t making you money, turn to the Bloomberg Interactive channel on DISH Network. If there’s one way to stay on top of the game without being on the trading floor, it’s with Bloomberg Interactive. With today’s economy it’s never been more important to keep a close eye on your finances. And if you are new to the scene or are thinking about getting in while the market is down, here’s the perfect chance to watch, learn and grow your accounts. Put your dish to work for you. To order DISH Network today and get in the action call 866.989.3474. Or if you prefer to order online you can visit Dish Systems and check out how to get the best deals on satellite television around.