Breaking Some Of The Common Misconceptions Surrounding Satellite TV Service

When making the tough decision between which Satellite TV service to get it may be hard to decipher the differences in service providers. We are here to help. Going over some of the common misconceptions about Satellite TV service, you will see why DISH Network makes a reliable and very affordable choice for your satellite service provider.  When you pay close attention to detail like fine print, customer service and channel variety these are all important consideration when making your decision.

  • Breaking down the fine print: There are often unwanted surprises later when you don’t look at the fine print, like two-year agreements and auto pay that apply to receive the promotional price required by many other service providers. However DISH Network offers their Flex TV program that requires no contract, no credit check and no social security number or tax ID required.
  • Customer Service: Customer service can seem like a daunting word, but with DISH Network you will have access to a convenient online feature called online chat that immediately connects you with a customer service agent. The convenience of such service, in a time when customer service seems to have gone downhill, is immeasurable.
  • Not enough channels offered: With programming packages starting at $19.99/mo, there are plenty of package options to choose from.  However new subscribers of DISH will also receive 3 months of free premium movie channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax. Also included is 3 months of Free Blockbuster @Home which gives viewers access to over 100,000 movie titles and games.
  • DISH doesn’t offer enough International Channels: DISH Network offers a larger selection of Spanish-speaking programming compared to DirecTV. There are over twenty packages to choose from including Fox Deportes, ESPN Deportes, Discovery Kids, and CBeebies as well as a wide variety of Spanish-language music channels. Often times DISH Network offers Free Channel previews of channels many may not subscribe to such as; Bloomberg TV, Veria, The Outdoor Channel, Veria and Baby First TV.

Only DISH gives you Live TV everywhere at no extra monthly cost, all the channels you get at home—on the go, the ability to watch your DVR recordings from anywhere, makes their services compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android products and finally provides exclusive sling capability. To learn more about satellite TV service, visit us at DISH Systems or call (888)566-3979.


  • Ann G. says:

    I really find this kind of funny. Our Dish Network box is coming on 9 years old and has been acting up as of late. Trying to load channel 100 leads to the box glitching and then rebooting itself and certain channels gain nothing more than a SmartCard error. So we’ve unplugged, rebooted, and such countless numbers of times to no avail. We’ve contacted customer service because the company who originally installed our DishNetwork has since gone out of business. Customer service’s response is always the same, which makes it very daunting to us – “we can send a technician out, but you’ll have to pay for that and any new equipment you need.” They did the same with our neighbor who signed up at the same time. Quite honestly, it appears to us that DishNetwork is all about getting new customers, but keeping your long-term customers isn’t high on their priorities.

    We’ve reached a point where we’re looking at switching back to Comcast.

    • admin says:

      I am very sorry to hear that someone hasn’t been able to help you out. If you have ordered your service through DISH Systems please give us a call at (866)989-3474 and we would love to help you out. I apologize for the frustration.

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