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Bringing Back Family Friendly TV Programming

by Andrew

Posted on May 11, 2011

DISH Systems Essay Scholarship Oprah recently launched the “OWN” network with original programming designed to entertain, inform, and inspire. If you were the executive of a TV network, what kind of programming would you create?
If I were the executive of a TV network, I wouldn’t really create anything.  I would instead bring back the classics people love and miss; such as Mr. Ed, Gidget, I Love Lucy, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and so many more.  The reason why I would do this is because these were examples of shows that were clean and still funny.  Those shows proved that you didn’t have to use bad language to express yourself, and that sex is not all that there is to life; like so many TV shows today imply. However, it is not just the TV shows that imply that, but the commercials too.  I don’t like the fact that every time I turn the channel, there’s some commercial about condoms, alcohol, or intimate apparel.  That’s why I would also have more family friendly commercials to go with my family friendly TV network.  It would be one of the only fully appropriate networks in the TV world today. My network would be one that parents wouldn’t have to be afraid of what their children might see or hear.  The reason why this statement comes to mind when describing what my network would be like is because of a family I used to babysit for.  The kids were not allowed to watch TV; ever.  It surprised me when I first heard this, but the more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense.  Why would they want their children to see the loss of innocence in TV, when they will see it themselves in the real world in just a few short years? The shows that would air on my network would be completely family friendly.  The old, young, and in-between alike would want to watch it; especially because of the guarantee that nothing inappropriate or wrong would ever be shown.  Everything from children’s movies, to old TV shows, and Christian airings would be shown; giving everyone an interest to watch. I would make it a point to play a movie every day at 5.  The reason for this being, that there never seems to be anything on at that time.  I remember I used to look forward to 5 pm because I knew there would be a movie on.  Sadly, that is not the case anymore.  The types of movies I would pick for my network could change every day.  One day it could be a Christian movie like Soul Surfer, or To Save A Life.  Then the next day could be completely different; something like Barbie Rapunzel, or Black Beauty.  I may even decide to have a marathon of shows day.  Where I would air old TV shows that no longer run; shows like The Christy Series, or the Anne Of Avonlea series. Many people may have thought at first that my idea for my own TV network would be limited due to the wholesome policy.  I however do not see it that way.  And as I have shown in this example of my network idea, there are endless possibilities of what the network could and would show. *This essay was written by Kierstin V., a runner-up in the DISH Systems Scholarship Essay Contest. The opinions of the author do not reflect the opinions of DISH Systems, authorized retailer of DISH Network.