Cable Rate Hikes were never a thing of the past!

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on November 5, 2007

When I was growing up we had only one television in the house and I was the remote control well into my late elementary school years. The Disney Channel was not free and it was always a treat to go to my grandparents and watch “Kids Incorporated”. Satellite T.V. was something from the Twilight Zone and High Definition programming was never even heard of. Every kid on my block had rabbit ears and I’m not talking about the soft white fluffy kind that eats carrots. These days’ televisions are in kitchens, children’s rooms and even the garage. Universal remote controls are sold at Drug Stores and by 2009, analog will be a thing of the past…my past that is. These days high definition channels are on the rise and satellite T.V. is very real, and a leading competitor in the cable industry giving millions of Americans across the U.S. a choice in their cable. With that being said, cable companies from the West Coast to the East Coast are raising cable rates leading me to question, “Do these corporate bullies not understand that the American public has a choice in their cable provider or does the American public not know that they have one? Recently both Comcast and Cablevision have announced yet another recent rate hike for their cable customers, and unfortunately for their customers this is not the first one this year. Many speculate that this recent increase is an attempt to force viewers into a bundle package agreement and a commitment contract. I am here to tell you folks, that you have a choice and an obvious one at that. Satellite providers like Dish Network are capable of providing service to 97% of the nation’s population and still growing. So make yourself a fried bologna sandwich, crack open a bottle of pop and rest assured that Dish Network will continue to offer their viewers the lowest cable packages, superior customer service and a growing amount of High Definition channels along with promising their viewers a $49.99, 200 plus channels, no rate hike until 2009 package…if only they could bring back Land of the Lost back in Dish Networks high-quality high definition.