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Cantonese TV Programming Jadeworld TVB

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on November 13, 2012

Jadeworld, also known as Jadeworld TV or TVB USA is a mostly Cantonese-language set of television channels, serving as an overseas station to Hong Kong televisions’ TVB (or Television Broadcasts Limited). On November 18th, 2012 the TVB channels will be moving to DISH Network and DISH will now be the only satellite internet provider to carry the various TVB channels. Moving away from the channels and onto what they broadcast, TVB1 and TVB2 offer a wide variety of dramas, variety shows, entertainment, news, and sports programs. The two most popular of the dramas are the So (named for the So company's sponsorship) and Gold Dramas. The So Drama changes on a monthly basis, which helps to keep interest going. Another recurring program is A Kindred Spirit, which is aired once a day, with repeats throughout that day. Variety shows change every week, but mostly air on "USA West" and tend to air the most on Saturdays, most notably with the "Saturday Spectacular" show. USA West also airs programming such as the Miss Hong Kong pageant, the Miss Chinese International pageant, and TVB Anniversary shows on an annual basis. Both channels air morning and evening news from Hong Kong, as well as a self-produced "US News." Sports are limited, revolving around Hong Kong Sports for the most part. Sports are usually isolated to "USA West" and are highlighted during the program known as "Sports World." This channel also covers footage of the World Cup and Olympic games when those events are going on. Popular shows airing on the channels these days include anime and "live action shows" imported from Japan like Naruto and Kamen Rider, dramas such as Witness Insecurity and Ghetto Justice II, and even programs inspired by American television shows; Forensic Heroes is an obvious doppelganger to "CSI" and the popular show "Dicey Business" is akin to a clone of the US show "Las Vegas." For more information on the TVB channels or to pre-order the TVB Jadworld package on DISH Network call 866.356.2658.