Catch HBO Documentary Series ‘Mann vs. Ford’ Monday at 9pm

Directed and produced by Maro Chermay and Micah Fink and produced by Jamie Redford, Mann vs. Ford is a documentary that follows the Ramapough Indians in their quest for justice. The Ramapough Indians led by their legal team, take on Ford and the EPA in hopes of securing a safe and healthy future for their children. This documentary takes us to the mountains of the Ramapough Indians, where Ford’s largest auto factory used to dump their waste. Between 1967 and 1971 Ford’s assembly plant in Masswah, NJ dumped “paint sludge” and other industrial waste in the Ramapough Indians backyard.
The Ramapo and their legal counsel maintain that the result of the dumped waste was a deadly mix of toxic chemicals, including PCBs, Freon, heavy metals, lead and arsenic that saturated the soil and traveled through the air when the highly combustible chemicals ignited and burned. Today almost every home has someone who died from cancer and diabetes, or suffer from kidney stones, miscarriage, asthma, gastrointestinal disease and skin disorders which have become a part of everyday life. Mann vs. Ford follows community leaders Wayne Mann and Vivian Milligan and their lawyers on a journey over 5 years for justice which eventually takes them to the halls of Congress. As the years go by and the cost of the case mounts, the Ramapough residents are faced with some tough challenges and are forced to make some difficult decisions. What ultimately transpires is both an emotional end to a real-life, high stakes drama, and a revealing reflection of the realities of the criminal justice system. Lisa P. Jackson, administrator for the EPA, said “Ramapoughs have lived on top of a Superfund site for decades. They are vivid reminders of how the EPA can be a force for good if it does its job well, and what can happen if the EPA falls short. To add the HBO Channel to your programming package, visit authorized retailer DISH SYSTEMS online or call (866)989-3474 today. Watch the trailer for Mann vs. Ford below. Have you ever had an experience like this?


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  • bobbyd says:

    I was like most people and upset with the Mann vs Ford film. I could not read on any sites anything other than HBO blaming Ford. Until I found this site (RINGWOODSITE Wow, did that open my eyes. I won’t go into all the details, but you must read how HBO left out the conflicting info on how it was developers in 1994 who were given approval from city council
    at Ringwood to build 50 homes on top of the waste site that had been closed 1976.Don’t blame Ford…blame Ringwood. Please read the article.

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