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Catch HBO Documentary ‘Superheroes’ Tonight at 9pm

by Andrew

Posted on August 8, 2011

Like many people, I have wondered what kind of super hero I would be if the opportunity presented itself. However there are people that take it past a fantasy and make it into a part of their everyday lives. Real Life Superheros (RLSH) is a national phenomenon comprised of hundreds of men and women who have superhero alter-egos. HBO takes a real life look into the lives of men and women that patrol city streets with the goal of preventing violent crimes and taking the law into their own hands. The Documentary gives you a look into the life of these six people: > “Mr. Xtreme,” is the founder and sole member of the Xtreme Justice League (XJL). He is an Asian American in his mid thirties that lives in San Diego, in a disheveled apartment that he calls “The Extreme Cave.” He passes out flyers of recruitment to passersby on the street, hoping to find others who will join his “Xtreme Justice League.” He says he won’t quit until there is no more violent crime. >“Zimmer” is an openly gay RLSH member who is 20- something and lives in Brooklyn. He lives with three other RLSH members and together they form the “New York Initiative.” From their apartment, Zimmer and his crew launch what they call “bait” missions to intercept a criminal act. >“Master Legend” is a 40-something man living in Orlando, and said that he developed his alter ego when he was eight. Today he patrols the streets in a black-and-silver costume, complete with cape and mask. He is the founder of “Team Justice” which is the only RLSH group in the U.S. with non-profit status. >“Life” whose real name Chaim means “life” in Hebrew, a New Yorker that while on patrol hands out T-shirts, socks and kind words to the homeless. He said he does this, “so they know that someone cares and they are not forgotten.” >“Apocalypse Meow” who wasn’t aware that her husband was a member of the RLSH when they met, and when he refused to quit, she decided to join forces with him. Together they hand out “Zeta Packs” to the homeless in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. The packs which the couple pays for completely out of pocket, cost $20 each to make, contain essentials for living on the street, including toilet paper, food items and hand sanitizer. At first glance these eccentric individuals may seem out of their minds, but ‘Superheroes’ shows you that, at the very least, their shared goal of preventing violent crime and bringing peace to the streets is admirable. As Mr. Xtreme says, it’s “What’s in your heart and what you do. That’s what makes you a superhero.” To add HBO to your programming list visit us online at Dish Systems or call (866)989-3474. What type of Super Hero did you want to be growing up?