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Catch MLB Opening Day 2017 on DISH Network

by Andrew

Posted on March 21, 2017

DISH Network Brings MLB Opening Day Back to the National Stage

Major League Baseball Opening Day is right around the corner. Spring Training is in full swing and many MLB players are even competing in the World Baseball Classic this season: a rotating international tournament held every four years, a la the Olympic Games. The first official pitch of the MLB regular season is less than a month away. If you already subscribe to DISH Network and have access to a DISH sports package, you are sitting pretty and ready for games to begin. If not, there is still time to get signed up.

Regional Bias

Baseball is a very regional sport. Unlike football or basketball, where the best players and teams are known and followed nationally, baseball is more segregated. Each region of the country follows its own team, own division, and own league very intently. However, baseball television packages follow a similar mold. Whereas football games are nationally televised each and every week, only a handful of baseball games are given the same honor. That oftentimes leaves fans in the lurch with how to watch their favorite club, especially if they live in another part of the country. Fret no more! DISH has you covered on Opening Day 2017 and throughout the season.

The DISH sports package brings baseball fans right to the action. DISH sports channels cover over 100 out-of-market games each and every week. That means, no matter where you live, you can watch your squad compete. With DISH, you no longer have to hope your team gets a rare ESPN Sunday Night Baseball appearance, or that it happens to face off against the one team in your TV market. A DISH sports package allows the viewer to control the content.

DISH doesn't just benefit the fan living elsewhere either. It is also perfect for the true baseball fan who wants to follow the entirety of the Major Leagues. What good is living in your team's home market if you can only watch that one game? DISH sports channels offer peerless options.

This year, that variety could be as important as ever. The league is quite talented from coast to coast. You don't want to be pigeon-holed into watching from the vantage point of just one market.

Coast to Coast

Chicago Cubs fans live all over the world. This is certainly never more true than now, after the team captured its first World Series title in over 100 years in 2016. And the roster the Cubs are bringing back for 2017 is just as good, if not better. This looks like a dynasty in the making. It's not a club you can afford to miss just because you live in Arizona or Maine.

The same goes for the Cleveland Indians, the team that fell to Chicago in the World Series. Cleveland returns this year even healthier and more talented than it was in the playoffs. With a superb starting rotation and a hopefully healthy bat from Michael Brantley, the Indians are primed to defend their AL pennant starting on Opening Day.

Likewise, heavy-hitters from all over the league are intriguing this season and deserve to be followed. The Boston Red Sox may be the very best team in the American League after a massive offseason trade for ace starting pitcher Chris Sale. The Los Angeles Dodgers are ready to compete with the Cubs in the National League. Boston and LA are not only two of the biggest sports towns in the country, but they have fans who live everywhere else as well. Only a DISH sports package fulfills the viewing pleasures of such fanatics.

Not Your Normal TV Experience

If variety is not enough, then perhaps variation will help as well. DISH offers viewers more ways to watch their baseball teams than ever before. The sports package, MLB Extra Innings, also includes an MLB.TV subscription. The latter is a product that can be followed from pretty much anywhere; there are over 400 devices that support the streaming of MLB.TV. You name it, and DISH covers it.

MLB Extra Innings isn't the only channel fans will want, either. A listing of DISH sports channels also includes MLB Network: the very best 24-hour baseball network available today, and MLB Strike Zone: baseball's answer to the NFL Red Zone channel that swept the nation.

These days, most cable channels lean so heavily toward football because of its national television popularity and contractual obligations. Baseball often gets left by the wayside, and it deserves better. MLB Network is the station that delivers what the sport deserves. From national games to highlight shows to studio shows to historical programming, MLB Network is a must-have for the premiere baseball fan. Baseball remains America's pastime after all. It deserves its version of the NFL Network.

And just like NFL Network has a channel that zeroes in on the most exciting plays each Sunday, MLB Strike Zone does the same for baseball...except it's twice a week! Tuesday and Friday, every week, for three to six hours a night, the Strike Zone channel cycles through every game taking place to bring you the most exciting action of that evening. It's unbelievable this product hasn't existed before. And frankly, once you try it out, you will have a hard time watching a normal baseball game again.

The DISH channel offers are unbeatable. Its national coverage takes baseball away from the regional specialty it has devolved into and puts it back in the national landscape. With literally hundreds of viewing options, as well as beautiful 4K ultra high-definition feeds, a baseball fan with DISH can see the blades of grass on any field for whichever team he or she desires.

Current owners are surely smiling at the possibilities. For the rest of you, there is still a bit of time to switch to DISH before Opening Day. But don't wait too long! We are already into the second round of the WBC, and Spring Training teams are ready to head home.

MLB Opening Day 2017 Lineup

Braves Mets
Indians Rangers
Tigers White Sox
Angels Athletics
Marlins Nationals
Phillies Reds
Pirates Red Sox
Padres Dodgers
Mariners Astros
Blue Jays Orioles
Rockies Brewers
Royals Twins
Cubs Cardinals