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Catch ‘Shark Week’ on the Discover Channel

by Andrew

Posted on July 20, 2011

Time to get the DVR ready because Shark Week is back! Hosted by Andy Samberg this exciting week of television is fresh with seven brand new shark shows. Shark Week 2011 is also featuring a co-viewing option for iphone, ipad and web users. The Discovery Channel will offer three consecutive hours of exclusive, interactive content programmed to complement and enhance your shark week viewing. You will be able to go behind the scenes, see exclusive productions photos, maps, graphs, and shark facts you will not get in the normal programming. Here are a few of the programs that will be televised.

• Great White Invasion (Premieres Sunday, July 31st at 9pm) - This new special takes you into the search to find why an increasing number of sharks are being found swimming close to surfers and vacationers off the beaches of South Africa, Australia and up and down the coast of California. Chris Fallows and an international team of shark scientists are on a quest to figure this out.

• Shark City (Premieres August 4th at 9pm) - This episode will follow sharks on their journey through life, as they size each other up. We will get insight on what they like to eat and what they are afraid of. You will get to know them as individuals, not just the blank eyed killing machines they are made out to be. This special episode will feature the insight and comedy of host Andy Samberg.

• 10 Deadliest Sharks (Premieres August 5th and 7th at 8pm) - This oldie but goodie originally premiered on Shark Week back in 2006. Sharks are some of the most feared creatures in the oceans, but only some live up to the fear because most sharks would never attack a human. From bull sharks to great whites this episode explains who is dangerous and who is not, and where they rank from one to ten.

Shark Week Starts July 31st, 2011 at 9pm. To order the Discovery Channel visit us online at Dish Systems or call (866)989-3474. What is your favorite show on Shark Week?