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Catch the season finale of ‘The Bachelorette’ tonight on ABC

by Andrew

Posted on August 1, 2011

Tonight is the night where 'The Bachelorette' Ashley Herbert decides between JP Rosenbaum and Ben Flajnik. Who will she choose? Watch as Ashley has both men meet her family while in FIJI. Drama unfolds as Ashley's sister confesses that she doesn't think JP is the one for her and she makes her choice of suitors on the season finale, tonight on ABC at 8pm. Here are five reasons why either choice would work for her.  JP Rosenbaum (Age 34, from New York City)- 1. They have great chemistry- Despite what Ashley's sister Chrystie says they do have great chemistry. Ashley calls JP’s smile “The cutest thing she’s ever seen and says looking at him makes her want to smile forever.” Aww. 2. She seems to need a supportive, sensitive guy- She has called him “her rock” through this journey, he was here to help her pick up the pieces in the Bentley incident. 3. Jealousy in small doses, can be a good thing- throughout the show he has remained the one guy that objected to her kissing other men. If you are truly in love with someone, why would you want them kissing other men? You probably wouldn't. 4. He’s is older and ready to settle down- He is 34 and despite having his heart broken before, seems to be ready to settle down. 5. They already have pet names- Sometimes this is something that you fall into and comes with being comfortable with someone but they already share a nickname. From the beginning JP talked about how his boss nicknames him Cupcake, Ashley then stated that she would like her husband to call her Cupcake. There it is, who wouldn’t want to live happily ever after with someone that called her Cupcake?  Ben Flajnik (Age28, from Sonoma, CA)- 1. They are Happy and Comfortable with one another- this is supposed to be one of the easiest best times in the relationship. For them, they have a light, fun and playful relationship that they both seem to really be enjoying. 2. They also have great chemistry- from the pool to the fantasy suite. Her night and shinning armor is always there for her. 3. She could use a guy that is mellow- This season it has seemed like we have seen more tears than ever before. The fact that she can get that emotional so easy means that she would probably be more suited with a guy like low-key Ben. 4. They are both ready to start their lives together- Unlike Brad Womack, Ben Flajnik has made plans to start their new lives together. Not have one person make all the sacrifices. 5. Love takes longer than a few months- Ashley has said herself that it is something that develops over time and built from mutual respect and friendship. With Ben it seems to be more than just that infatuation, they have the keys to building a lasting relationship. Tune in tonight to see which man she chooses. Will she get the fairy tale she was hoping for?To add ABC to your programming visit us at Dish Systems or call (888)566-3979. Which do you think is the right choice? Who do you think she will choose?