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Top 10 Reasons to Choose DISH Network

Even through all of the speculation that television streaming from the Internet will create more “cable cutters”, a recent study by Nielsen, commissioned by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, actually claims that there are more “cable keepers” than anything. If you are looking to make the switch from cable, here are the top […]

HDNet Sports Programming November 2009

SPORTS HDNet Fights This month HDNet Fights partners with the best Mixed Martial Arts organizations to broadcast these events featuring established veterans and the fastest rising athletes in the sport, Fridays at 10:00 p.m. ET. Fri Nov. 6, 6:00pm. Live Inside MMA: STRIKEFORCE and M-1 Global: Fedor vs. Rogers   Weigh-Ins Fri Nov. 6, 10:30pm. HDNet […]

Take full advantage of your HDTV

A recent article posted on Sky Report estimates that many Americans are not utilizing their televisions High Definition potential. In fact almost half of the American population is not taking full advantage of High Definition programming and their cable boxes capabilities. Sky Report states that recent research done by Leichtman Research Company suggests that 40% […]

Comcast Raises Cable Rates Again

For 12 straight years cable viewers have had to sit by and watch as cable companies raise rates.  In January 2007 Comcast raised their rates 4.1% and here we are only 10 months later seeing another increase.  Beginning November 5th Comcast customers will be forking over another 5% of their monthly cable charges.  You think […]

No More Taxes!!! Help Stop Discriminatory Tax on Satellite Television

Attention Dish Network Subscribers, we need your help in stopping discriminatory taxes against direct broadcast satellite services. Dish Network is known for having the lowest all digital price for pay television and  the cable companies are always trying to raise satellite televisions prices by lobbing the state governments to apply an unfair sales tax to […]

Some Interesting FCC Data on Cable Industry Prices confirms Dish Network’s Advantages

With so many different cable companies out there and each cable franchise with-in those large cable companies operating almost independently, it is hard for a consumer to compare apples to apples. Since Dish Network is a national satellite television provider, and has nothing to hide, a consumer can see exactly what they are going to […]