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Where’d My DirecTV Channels Go?

If you’re a current Directv customer you might be wondering where some of your favorite channels have gone. Well for the time being you get to do without Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and other cable channels owned by Viacom because of a dispute over — you guessed it — money! About 20 million households […]

Gleeks Countdown to a ‘Thrilling’ Episode on Super Bowl Sunday

Just as NFL fans everywhere are discussing Super Bowl day party plans, Gleeks are also doing a little preparing of their own for the big day by counting down to a different tune…as one of the most anticipated ‘Glee’ episodes: “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle” airs on DISH Network after the Super Bowl, Sunday night. The cast of […]

Catch the NFL Pro Bowl 2011 on FOX, Part of DISH Network Programming

As NFL tradition has it, the 2011 Pro Bowl that pits the best players in the NFC and AFC against each other will air the Sunday before the Super Bowl on DISH Network. Some of the biggest names in the NFL will be making their appearance in this weekend’s Pro Bowl including Philip Rivers of […]

Direct TV aims Directly at Customers Pocket Books

First off I would like to say Cheers to DIRECTV who has recently expanded its high-definition television programming at an increasing speed, but unfortunately my “cheers” are followed by “jeers”. DirecTV customers are being given an ultimatum…either pay an additional $4.99 more each month or you will lose three of DIRECTV’s more popular high-definition channel lineups. Beginning […]