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Easy Solutions to DISH Network Receiver Issues

Sometimes it can be frustrating when the signal on your television set goes out, especially if it’s right in the middle of a March Madness tournament game. Before you get too worked up and call your local DISH Network serviceman to come out and “fix your TV” there’s a few easy steps you can take […]

5 Quick Fixes to Troubleshooting Your Satellite/ Cable Box

We’ve all been there. About to sit down and relax to your favorite show or game – and something goes wrong with the TV. Then you spend the next 2 hours playing 20 questions with some lady while you are missing an important program. Well chances are it’s not the first time and it probably […]

Access DISH Network Satellite TV on Your PC

Ever get bummed when you’re on a trip, unwinding at the end of the night and wish you could access all of the DVR shows you’re missing right in your hotel room? DISH Network has solved this dilemma by giving its paid subscribers free access to DISHOnline and DISH Remote Access both of which can […]

Get TV On-The-Go With Dish Network Remote Access iPhone App

For those with iPhones or iPod Touch devices with Dish Network subscriptions, it’s a match made in TV heaven. Most of us use our DISH DVR to record the shows that we will be missing whether we’re out working or playing. The Remote Access iPhone App allows users to not only access their favorite DISH programming, […]

DISH Network vs Cable

Only way to get a good deal with cable is to bundle your services. This would be great if having a $30 or higher home phone line that you barely use was something of interest anymore. With the changing trends in technology home phones are becoming more and more obsolete. And paying $30 buck a […]

DISH Network Offers Movies One Month Earlier Than Redbox and Netflix

WHAT: DISH Network L.L.C., the fastest-growing pay-TV provider in America, is offering blockbuster hits “The Blind Side” and “Sherlock Holmes” to customers 28 days before the films will be available from Redbox or Netflix Inc. WHEN: The Blind Side” is available for purchase today. DISH Network customers can purchase “Sherlock Holmes” beginning March 30. WHY: […]

Dish Network’s IP Callback

With Dish Network’s IP Callback, a customer’s ViP622 DVR or ViP722 DVR that is connected to their broadband-enabled home network would allow these receivers to “call in” to download Pay-Per-View purchases without needing a phone line. The IP Callback with can also be used for various other features such as PPV Ordering, DISH on Demand […]

Dish Network’s DishCOMM Connectivity

Dish Network models ViP622 DVR & ViP722 DVR receivers use DishCOMM technology to communicate with each other using the power lines in the home via HomePlug. By using HomePlug, you only need one Dish Network receiver connected to a phone line and the other receivers will be able to dial out through the receiver connected […]