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DVR Usage Increases: TV Show Rankings Become Harder To Track

Many primetime shows are seeing their ratings go through the roof when a week’s worth of DVR usage is included in their tests. Times have changed and many families and households rely on their DVR when tuning in to their favorite programs. DVR penetration has reached 42% viewers and it is having a huge impact […]

DuoDVR Receiver Tips and Features – Record, Play, Pause in Two Rooms

Having a DVR receiver connected to your satellite television service is hardly a luxury these days and instead a necessity for some, allowing people with busy lives to watch their favorite shows at their own convenience. Digital video recording (DVR) system technology has come a long way over the years, even allowing viewers to take their ‘TV […]

DISH Network Creates Compatible Remote Access App for Android Tablets

Tablet or Pad? Technology adopters on both sides of the fence, whether they embrace the Android Tablet or the Apple iPad, can both stream live and recorded television with the Remote Access App, seeing as the downloadable feature is now compatible with both devices. Now, you’re not limited to watching ‘TV Everywhere’ on your smart phone, you can […]

Access DISH Network Satellite TV on Your PC

Ever get bummed when you’re on a trip, unwinding at the end of the night and wish you could access all of the DVR shows you’re missing right in your hotel room? DISH Network has solved this dilemma by giving its paid subscribers free access to DISHOnline and DISH Remote Access both of which can […]

DISH Network: Online Video Portal with Live TV also includes access to thousands of popular movies and TV shows DISH Network today introduces, the only online video portal that integrates live and recorded TV with more than 150,000 popular movies, TV shows, clips and trailers into one easy-to-use interface. To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, click here. Through […]

Watch Live NFL Games On Your Phone Or Computer!

With all the new technology out there, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s useful and what is not. Well if you’re a football fan and you think you can only watch games in your living room then here’s some new useful tech info for you. Now no matter where you are you can flip […]