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Comcast Raises Cable Rates Again

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on October 19, 2007

For 12 straight years cable viewers have had to sit by and watch as cable companies raise rates.  In January 2007 Comcast raised their rates 4.1% and here we are only 10 months later seeing another increase.  Beginning November 5th Comcast customers will be forking over another 5% of their monthly cable charges.  You think that is bad, Comcast customers who just subscribe to basic limited programming will see a 12.5% increase on their overall monthly charges.  In addition, service and installation fees also are increasing, jumping 4.4% bringing standard installation to $47.50 per month. So much for cutting back and trying to save a little money for the upcoming Holidays.  Bottom line Com-costly customers, no matter what your package, you rates are going up, and given Comcast’s track record, I’ll be writing this same article again in the Spring.  Here is the good news cable viewers…we live in a technology advanced country where you no longer have to open your wallet to big shot corporate companies, you have a choice in your cable provider.  Satellite companies like Dish Network are now offering their customers a $49.99, no rate increase guaranteed until 2009 package.  With this all-inclusive package, you get over 200 of your favorite channels, including SIRIUS music and your local channels, plus 2-room DVR service and Free Standard Professional Installation. For more information on Dish Network call 1-866-989-3474 or visit their website at