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Countdown to Darkness for Time Warner

by Andrew

Posted on December 31, 2008

5…4…3…2…What? Why’d my TV black out? Oh it’s because Viacom and Time Warner feuding and we get to pay for it? Yep, through your wallet and through blacked out programming. Looks like it’s time to switch to satellite. Sorry Time Warner you just raised my monthly bill and now you’re letting 19 channels go black. Not good timing on your part (even if you think Viacom is in the wrong). They are not my service provider, you are. And if you want to keep your customers, you give them what they pay for – programming – even if it means YOU take an 18 cent hit a month. Sorry now you know how it feels to get a priced jacked up on you. For Time Warner subscribers wondering what they’ll be missing out on, here’s the list: the 19 Viacom channels -- Comedy Central; CMT: Pure Country; Logo; Palladia; MTV; MTV 2; MTV Hits; MTV Jams; MTV Tr3s; Nickelodeon; Noggin; Nick 2; Nicktoons; Spike; The N; TV Land; Vh1; Vh1 Classic; Vh1 Soul. But they still have a couple hours to quit their bickering and do what is right for the consumer for once. But if they don’t come to an agreement by midnight and you’re left in the dark feel free to call Time Warner and ask them to please put the channels back on or you’ll find another TV service provider that will. Here’s the number for Time Warner 1-212-358-0900 and here’s another service provider’s number, order DISH Network at 866.989.3474. Hope everything works out for the best. Don’t let this get you down, enjoy the New Year and be thankful we have choices.