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Creating an Empowering TV Network for Teen Girls

by Andrew

Posted on May 17, 2011

Oprah recently launched the “OWN” network with original programming designed to entertain, inform, and inspire. If you were the executive of a TV network, what kind of programming would you create?
DISH Systems Essay ScholarshipTeenage girls are always searching for advice, health tips, the latest styles, and entertainment. All girls should be able to receive this in their daily lives, and when they cannot, they should be able to turn to a TV channel. That is why if I were to generate my own TV network, I would kick off the TGN (Teen Girl Network). What teenage female would not want advice? With the Teen Girl Network, girls could watch programming that would have talk shows with real life girls and their real life problems, similar to theirs. From this, they could better their own lives and make wiser decisions. Whether they had a problem physically or emotionally, they would be able to get the support they needed. Not all teenage girls can turn to someone, and this network would be a reliable source. As an executive of the TGN, I would even make sure to have a number to call if any girl needed assistance. Support and advice are two of the most important resources continually needed by young females. Shopping is also relevant in the life of a teenager. However, not all girls have the budget that will allow them to buy expensive clothes and accessories or the resources that will allow them to know the latest fashions. This is why I would also have several programs on the Teen Girl Network that would do just this. Girls would have the opportunity to know the newest trends, and where they can buy them inexpensively. Besides this, they could even purchase their own clothes online or in a TGN catalog.  They would be able to save their money and still look great! Young females also want to watch movies and television shows that would be of most interest to them. Shows and movies that are humorous or include love, relationships, and everyday life relate to teenage girls the most. With the Teen Girl Network, every movie and TV show would be an enjoyable one. Teenagers could also turn to the Teen Girl Network to know the right ways to stay healthy. They would be able to turn on the TV and watch and participate in workouts that would include yoga, dancing, and cardio- three types of workouts that would be favored by almost all adolescent girls.  Besides this, there would also be shows like that of The Doctors except the show would focus on teenage girl health instead.  This would allow girls to know everything about their own bodies, foods that are healthy for them, and ways to exercise to stay physically fit. A channel such as the Teen Girl Network would definitely be advantageous in the lives of many girls. Young females need a network that is solely dedicated to their own interests.  Not all girls have someone or something they can turn to; the Teen Girl Network would be an infallible solution.  If I were a TV network executive, I know that the Teen Girl Network would be a success!          *This essay was written by Kayla B., a runner-up in the DISH Systems Scholarship Essay Contest. The opinions of the author do not reflect the opinions of DISH Systems, authorized retailer of DISH Network.