Digital TV Transition Delayed Until June 12, 2009

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on February 12, 2009

The Digital TV Transition, which was initially scheduled to take placed on February 17, 2009, has been delayed until June 12, 2009 (although some stations may choose to transition to digital signals prior to June 12th). The recently passed DTV Delay Act may give the millions of people who still rely on over-the-air broadcasts but have not yet found a solution for the Digital TV Transition an additional four months to prepare. In fact, according to the Nielson Company, approximately 6.5 million homes are still unprepared for the Digital TV Transition! (Source: Yahoo!, “Nielsen: 5.7 percent of U.S. households not ready for DTV,” January 23, 2009) Consumers need to know about their available choices: (a) applying for the $40 government coupons that may be redeemed when purchasing digital-to-analog converter boxes for their analog TVs, or (b) switching to a pay-TV service like DISH Network. Customers who choose option (b) and switch to DISH Network can get: Digital Home Advantage “$9.99 Per Month for 6 Months” Offer Free-For-All “Free Locals for 1 Year” Offer HBO / Starz Free for 3 Months Cinemax for a Year for a Penny DISH Network has developed government coupon-eligible digital-to-analog converter boxes to assist viewers in making a smooth transition to digital over-the-air (OTA) signals. For more information on these great offers and more, please call 866.989.3474 or visit Dish Systems.