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DISH Flicks on DISH Network

by Andrew

Posted on November 19, 2008

There used to be a time, a magical time long ago called the 80s. A time before guide buttons on remotes. A time before we had a channel that would let us know what’s on the next channel. People would receive a little book every week that would show you every movie on every channel. This was a simple time. Choices were easier, VCRs continuously flashed 12:00, and TV shows had writers. Today people have 100s of extra choices when it comes to channels and programming. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the number of good ones to choose from. Now-a-days people spend more time scrolling through an endless abyss of mundane programming than they actually do watching something worthwhile. All the extra choices you have can actually be keeping you from watching something you’d really enjoy. So what’s the point? Is there a solution? Well there actually is a point and a solution if you’re a DISH Network subscriber. DISH Network has a monthly reference guide, DISH Flicks, that provides a comprehensive review of the best movies showing each day. So instead of scrolling through hundreds of channels looking for something good, you can quickly review DISH’s top picks and quickly find something right for you. Getting DISH Flicks is like paying someone $1.95 a month to watch every movie available to you and then let you know if it was good or not. So not only are you not wasting your time looking for something to watch you also aren’t wasting your time watching a horrible film. So if time is money, then DISH Flicks is a great investment. Although the only way DISH Flicks will be useful to you is if you are a subscriber to DISH Network. For one last piece of advice, follow this link to Dish Systems for the best deals and easiest way to start watching only the best flicks TV has to offer. Or call 866-989-3474 to order DISH now.