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DISH Free Show Preview: Don’t Miss An All New “Hard Parts: South Bronx” Tonight At 10pm

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on May 31, 2012

couple watching tv eatingYou have one more day to take advantage of DISH show in Free Preview. The show being featured is “Hard Parts: South Bronx”, a real life look into the life of business owner, Joe Ferrer, and his tough-as-nails auto parts team as they hunt down impossible-to-find auto parts. These guys know how to work hard to get the job done, often heading to out of the way places in order to fulfill their personal deadlines. As the Boss, Joe Ferrer, has the challenging task of being the leader, as well as working with his team in the trenches while maintaining a level of authority and respect from his crew. A dedicated family man with a wife and three children to care for, Joe is driven by a work ethic instilled in him by his late father, Nick. With that work ethic and strength of character Joe has been able to keep BS&F afloat during these tough economic times. Here is a quick look at the rest of the crew:
  • Hector Andujar: He plays a crucial part in the behind the scene doings at BS&F. Joe claims that Hector is a walking disaster but if you watch, Hector has an extremely easy-going attitude that helps keep the back of the BS&F house running smoothly throughout the constant influx and shipping of inventory.
  • James Montijo: James is a rising star in the world of BS&F and has turned his hard work in the warehouse into being one of Joe’s “go-to” guys. Though he’s known for his quick temper he has the ability to handle almost any situation and that makes him a valuable addition to the team.
  • Permnand Persaud: He is one of Joe’s most important and trusted employees because he handles the money at the register. He handles cash transactions, steady retail business and accounting for invoices that come and go via BS&F’s delivery component with a smile and a friendly word.
  • Richie Morales: Having been with the team the longest, Richie is a member of BS&F’s old guard. Richie is the go to man for any customer that needs information on parts and services. He handles old and new business with the strength of a seasoned veteran.
Tune into Channel 120 tonight for an all new episode of “Hard Parts: South Bronx” at 10pm. Stay tuned for future free channel previews offered by DISH Network. To learn more about your satellite TV programming package, visit us at or call (866)989-3474.