DISH Hopper vs. DIRECTV Genie

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on October 2, 2012

For customers looking for the ultimate Whole-Home HD DVR experience, the DIRECTV Genie is no comparison to the Hopper by DISH. From exclusive features like PrimeTime AnytimeTM and AutoHopTM to its industry-leading 2 Terabyte hard drive, the Hopper has no match. With the Hopper, you get: More music! DISH is the exclusive TV provider of SiriusXM music channels, plus customers can enjoy music from the Pandora app on their broadband-connected Hopper or Joey. More movies! Access thousands of titles from Blockbuster @HomeTM, DISH Online, and On Demand directly on your TV through the Hopper or Joey (based on subscription). More magic! Features like AutoHop, the Remote Control Locator, integrated apps, and stunning graphic menu displays were designed with customers in mind and make watching TV even more intuitive and enjoyable on every TV in the customer’s home. Compare DISH HopperTM vs. DIRECTV GenieTM

Hopper by DISH


PrimeTime AnytimeAutomatically record primetime shows*



AutoHopAutomatically skip commercials in select shows*



Hard Drive Size



Recording Capacity

Up to 500 HD hours

Up to 200 HD hours

TV Everywhere Technology(with connected Sling Adapter or nomad (sold separately)

Live TV and DVR recordings

DVR recordings only

Maximum Number of Simultaneous Recordings

6 recordings

With PrimeTime Anytime enabled

5 recordings

On Demand OptionsWhen connected to broadband internet

Access to more than 15,000 IPVOD titles

Access to 7,000 IPVOD titles

On Demand OptionsWhen NOT connected to broadband Internet

Access to 80 new release titles

Access to 12 new release titles

Sports AppsDISH GameFinder vs. DIRECTV ScoreGuideTM

Available on Hopper & Joey Lists games 4 days in advance Doesn’t interefere with TV viewing ThuuzTM Excitement Ratings

Available on Genie only Same-day games only Interferes with TV viewing No Thuuz Excitement Ratings

Bluetooth® Integration**Listen to TV audio via Bluetooth headset



Remote Control Locator



Receiver Fees for 4 TVs***1 Hopper and 3 Joeys vs. 1 Genie and 3 Clients



Free with Eligible Programming Package1 HD DVR & up to 3 clients; everyday monthly price shown

America’s Top 120 & Higher $44.99/mo DishLATINO Dos & Higher $44.99/mo

(DHA/DHA24 qualification)

Entertainment & Higher $54.99/mo Optimo Mas & Higher $46.99/mo

(Low Risk qualification)

Set-Top Box Size

YES. 38% smaller than the Genie**


External Hard DriveSold separately

Adds to the DVR storage

Replaces the DVR storage

SRS TruVolume®Prevents annoying volume fluctuations



Number of Supported TVs on Whole-Home DVR2 Hoppers with 4 Joeys vs. 1 Genie with 3 Clients*****

6 TVs

2 Hoppers allowed per account

4 TVs

Only 1 Genie allowed per account

Integrated AppsPandora, Facebook, Twitter, weather, news, and more

Available on Hopper & Joey

Available on Genie only

* During primetime hours record ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC plus two additional channels (feature not available in all markets). AutoHop only available with playback after 1 AM Eastern Time of select primetime shows recorded as part of PrimeTime Anytime. Both features must be enabled by customer and are subject to availability. ** Available on the Hopper Fall 2012. *** Based on DISH fees of $10/month DVR Service fee and $7/month Additional Receiver fee for each Joey; and DIRECTV fees of $20/month Advanced Receiver Service fee and $6/month Additional TV fee for each Client. **** Hopper dimensions: 16” W x 11.4” D x 2.05” H; Genie dimensions: 15.75” W x 11.85” D x 3.25” H. ***** Additional HD DVR receivers may be added to Genie accounts to support more than 4 rooms, however the additional HD DVR’s will not be visible by the Clients. The Genie also supports RVU-enabled devices, for a maximum of up to 8 rooms.