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DISH Network Adds Leading Wellness Channel Veria(TM) TV to HD Programming

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on June 14, 2011

As you channel surf your way to a favorite TV show, you might stop for a minute on VeriaTV after you catch a glimpse of the peaceful spa music and instant holistic vibes. You slowly start to find yourself lingering a while longer, ending up in the yoga tree pose. DISH Network subscribers can now enjoy the leading wellness channel, VeriaTV in high-definition on DISH TV, channel 218. VeriaTV offers natural wellness programming from holistic lifestyle tips and healthy living and fitness shows, it's a 24/7 channel that makes you want to close your eyes and sigh "ahh" in relaxation. Think of this channel as a pick me up, from wanting to ease back into fitness with 'Yoga for Life' programming or becoming inspired to eat healthier with 'Naturally Delicious' shows. "Health and wellness are becoming increasingly important topics in the U.S., and DISH Network is pleased to offer Veria(TM) TV in HD, a channel that offers a variety of food, fitness, travel, reality and lifestyle programming," said Dave Shull, senior vice president of Programming for DISH Network. Other TV shows you can expect to see in HD on VeriaTV includes: 'The Incurables,' 'Fed Up,' 'What a Relief,' 'Everybody Nose,' 'Chasing the Yum,' 'Simply Beautiful,' 'The Genesis of Healing,' 'The Sweet Truth,' 'Under the Sun,' 'What's Brewing,' 'Pilates: From the Inside Out,' 'Feng Shui Living,' 'Empty Nesters,' plus more. To add Veria TV in HD to your satellite TV programming package, visit authorized DISH Network retailer, DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474.