DISH Network Adds TerreStar to List of 2011 Acquisitions

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on July 8, 2011

In a recent auction, DISH Network came out on top again adding TerreStar to the long list of strategic corporate acquisitions for the satellite TV provider. DISH Network's bid for $1.38 billion was approved by a bankruptcy court judge on July 7, giving sole ownership of the $1 billion in debt TerreStar enterprise to Charlie Ergen's DISH Network. DISH Network hasn't exactly revealed why it made the move to acquire TerreStar, however it's safe to say that DISH Network is arming itself for the future of digital technology with the more broadband spectrum the better, in mind. It can be inferred from the deal that TerreStar was an attractive move for DISH Network because of the bankrupt company's "20 MHz of wireless spectrum and is currently working on a project to launch world’s first satellite smartphone," according to In 2011 alone, DISH Network has bought out TerreStar, Blockbuster, DBSD and HughesNet through EchoStar. Speculation of what DISH Network will do with all of this pent up spectrum is sending tech reporters in a flurry, predicting a robut video on demand service to wireless networks through smart mobile devices. To learn more about DISH Network news visit authorized retailer DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474.