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DISH Network and The Hopper Are Changing The Way Americans Watch TV

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on March 20, 2012

dish-hopper-joeyThe way Americans are watching TV is changing. Many households have multiple TVs in a bunch of different rooms. There are 30 million viewers that watch on their mobile phones, 111 million watch on their DVR or VOD, 143 million are watching on the Internet, and Traditional TV still takes up 288 million viewers. With a large amount of households that have a DVR subscription it is important to understand the new technology that will allow you to stay one step ahead of everyone else. What you need in order to do that is a whole-home Entertainment system and DISH Network has just launched their product called The Hopper and The Joey. Here are some of the benefits of each system: The Hopper: Your Hub for whole-home TV Entertainment has 3 satellite tuners and provides full DVR functionality to the other TVs in your home through thin-client receivers called Joeys giving you a Whole-Home DVR Network.
  • With 3 Tuners you can watch or record up to 3 live HD programs at once—from any TV connected to your whole-home network.
  • With PrimeTime Anytime you can record all the big 4 networks in HD during primetime on a single tuner, giving you the ability to record up to 6 programs during primetime hours in your area. These channels include ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.
  • Adding a second Hopper to your satellite TV programming package you will get extra recording capabilities to 6 live HD channels at once, and 9 during primetime hours.
  • The hopper also features a massive 2 Terabyte hard drives that allows you to store over 250 hours of data before you need to start deleting.
The Joey: This is a thin-client receiver that communicates with the Hopper, giving you a full HD DVR functionality on each of your TVs.
  • Each Joey has the same interface as the Hopper.
  • A single Hopper can be configured with up to 3 Joeys (4TVs).
  • A two-Hopper solution can be configured with up to 4 Joeys making that a maximum of up to 6 TVs.
  • Joeys can be installed on both HD and SD TVs, however only SD video ouput connection is RCA composite video.
When deciding to upgrade to a new Whole-Home Entertainment System you have a few choices for configuration options. You can go with 1 Hopper with up to 3 Joeys and on the 4th you can mirror the programming from any of the other 3 TVs. Or you can Order 2 Hoppers with up to 4 Joeys giving you whole-home entertainment on up to 6 TVs. To learn more about adding the Hopper or the Joey to your list of satellite TV programming visit us at or call (866)989-3474.