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Dish Network boasts their NFL Network Competitive Edge…and they should!

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on August 12, 2007

Dish Network is showing off their NFL Network Competitive Edge and they understandable should with what they can offer over their satellite and cable TV competitors. Dish Network has the most competitive pricing, not only with the lowest all digital price point, but unlike many other pay-TV providers, the NFL Network is offered in Dish Networks lowest tier of core programming, AT100 Dish Network claims to have some of the most comprehensive game coverage due to the fact that some cable companies don’t even carry the NFL Network. This gives Dish Network a huge advantage since many customers of these cable companies may not be able to see the great games planned to be broadcasted only on the NFL Network. Dish Network is touting they will broadcast football 24/7 on DISH Network with the NFL Network and Local channels. With DISH Network, customers may be able to get football programming 24/7 with AT100 and locals for as low as $34.99/mo which breaks down to $29.99/mo. for AT100 plus an additional $5.00/mo. for locals. Fans can watch their favorite Teams on Dish Network on local Sunday Football on CBS, FOX and NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN, top game re-broadcasts on Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday Night Football on NLF Network and Saturday Night Football on NFL Network. To order the NFL Network on Dish Network,