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DISH Network Brings Earth Day to TV with ‘Human Planet’ Finale and Planet Green Programming

by Andrew

Posted on April 22, 2011

Isabella Rossellini on Planet GreenIf you don't have time this weekend to plant a row of trees in your yard for Earth Day, you can at least enjoy some planet-themed programming on DISH Network. Remember Earth Day this weekend by tuning in to Planet Green where you can watch the premiere of Isabella Rossellini's documentary film Animals Distract Me on Planet Green on Saturday, April 23 at 10pm ET. Animals Distract Me is anything but boring as Rossellini delivers a surrealistic approach to her love of animals as she informs viewers of everything animal, from chicken hormones to microscopic eyelash-living organisms. Additional Earth Day inspired programming viewers might want to tune into on Planet Green this weekend includes: 'Nature's Most Amazing Events,' on Saturday, April 23 at 5pm ET. The Discovery Channel is also celebrating Mother Earth with Sunday's series finale of 'Human Planet' from 8-10pm ET, a sister series to 'Planet Earth' and 'Life,' co-produced by BBC. In case you've missed the previous episodes in 'Human Planet' you can watch the series trailer below. 'Human Planet' takes viewers on a trip around the world as the six-part series documents the differing ways of life across the universe. Watch the series finale of 'Human Planet' in stunning HD on DISH Network, channel 182 this weekend. To learn more about eco-friendly tips and DISH Network programming, visit authorized retailer DISH Systems online or call 866-989-3474.