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DISH Network – Disney Channel Interactive

by Andrew

Posted on October 24, 2008

Just in case you haven’t got your fill of Hanna Montana yet, then Disney Channel Interactive from DISH Network has a special treat for you. Now your kids can interact with all their favorite characters and shows directly on the TV. You can display up to 5 Disney related interactive arcade games at one time. Your kids can enjoy endless amounts of fun with their favorite characters such as Hanna Montana, Kim Possible and Zack and Cody. Parents will be thrilled to have this new feature available directly on their TV. With these games accessible with the push of your remote, you can cut back on purchasing expensive video games that kids quickly become bored with. On DISH Network’s Disney Channel Interactive, kids will be able to play games on a weekly basis. With continuously added new fun Disney features and games to explore, they won’t tire easily and they’ll always be occupied. Well, kids have never had it so good and I guess parents haven’t either – because when your kids are happy, you are happy. If you don’t already have DISH Network you can check out how to get an interactive Hanna Montana at Dish Systems or call 866-989-3474.