DISH Network Fantasy Football & Sleeper Picks

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on August 20, 2010

Fantasy Football Draft 2010 This years draft picks will be just like any other, some players will live up to their potential and others will bust like a balloon over an open flame. But also like the years past, there are the guys low in the rankings that end up making a huge impact in the season. As we saw last year with guys like Miles Austin, Jammal Charles and Ray Rice. Obviously you can never no when a starter is going to go down, thus making their backup a fantasy stud. But there are players that showed a hint of greatness in the previous season that makes you wonder if they’re due for a breakout year. That’s what this list is all about. Nothing guaranteed. Just a list of players that have the potential to go off at any time. Top 5 Sleeper Picks of the Week:   Sleeper 5: Kevin Kolb, QB, Eagles Last year when Kolb stepped in for McNabb, Kolb aired it out big-time. Kolb could be a good backup QB that might make it to your number 1 before the year is over. Sleeper 4: Mohammed Massaquoi, WR, Browns It’s hard to think of a Brown to be a factor in any fantasy league. But Massaquoi had 624 yards and 3 TD’s with a very scary QB situation in Cleveland last year. Delhomme has got to be a step up and once he gets comfortable with Massaquoi good things are going to happen.   Sleeper 3: LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Jets LT couldn’t be counted on for much last year. But he still somehow managed to rack up 12 TD’s. This year he is probably going to see a lot of touches in the red zone and nothing else. But if he’s still got enough of juice in those legs to punch in short yardage TD’s, he’s worth a late pick. Sleeper 2: Malcom Floyd, WR, Chargers Who knows how long Vincent Jackson is going to be out for? 3 games at least. So Rivers is going to be looking at Floyd often. And if they find a rhythm, it’ll most likely continue when and if Jackson comes back. Naanee is going to get more looks this year as well. Sleeper 1: Bernard Scott, RB, Cincinnati When’s the last time Cedric Benson played a complete 16 game season? Answer: Never. So if you’re a Benson owner be sure to grab Scott in the later rounds. If you don’t have Benson, you might want to grab him for those games when the workhorse Benson runs out of stream. Bones Pick: Wes Welker Never count out a player like Welker. Welker looked just fine Thursday night when the Pats beat the Falcons. Compete in the DISH Network Gridiron Games and Win Over $70,000 DISH Network is giving football fans a reason to get in on the action with the DISH Network Gridiron Games. Available for free to all DISH Network customers, the Gridiron Games offer both first-time and experienced fantasy football enthusiasts the chance to win weekly cash prizes - plus year-long bragging rights - during the 2010 NFL season. To order Dish Network and join in on all the fantasy football fun, call 866-989-3474 or visit Dish Systems today!