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DISH Network Free Programming

by Andrew

Posted on December 29, 2008

Watch channels that you might not have, for FREE - all month long. Showing in December (12/3/08-1/7/09) Each month DISH Network offers a look in to some of its finest programming. This month on DISH, check out THE SCIENCE CHANNEL, THE BIOGRAPGHY CHANNEL, and FINE LIVING NETWORK. These channels are always available to customers subscribing to the AMERICA’S TOP 250 package. Be sure to check back next month and see what other great programming DISH Network will have available for you. Science Channel - Ch. 193. Science Channel takes viewers on an interactive journey to the brink of the future immersing them in an optimistic quest that explores how the full spectrum of science, technology and innovation enhances their lives. The future happens here first. Catch the premiere of BRINK on November 28th at 10pm ET. BRINK is your one stop place each week to be in the know about cutting edge breakthroughs in technology, research, inventions and discoveries. The Biography Channel - Ch. 119 At Biography Channel, we prove that the truth about people is always more entertaining than fiction. Biography Channel is about real people and their real lives: up close and personal, gritty and provocative, always unfiltered. Uncover the real drama in people stories: everyday situations with a twist; celebrities going off-script; people-centric crime stories and paranormal events. Biography Channel is the exclusive home to the Emmy-Award winning Biography® series. In addition, Biography Channel offers presentations of hit series including I Survived..., Final 24, Psychic Investigators, Crime Stores and the upcoming William Shatner hosted talk show, Shatner's Raw Nerve. Fine Living Network - Ch. 113 FLN is dedicated to providing topical, timely and fast-paced lifestyle-related content for success-driven individuals in the categories of home, shopping and entertainment. If you are not a DISH Network subscriber and would like to get these and other great offers, contact Dish Systems today at 866.989.3474 or go to and get your DISH today.