Dish Network has Big Ten College Football Games

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on September 4, 2007

 Although the Big Ten Network and Dish Network continue to try to negotiate a fair deal for Dish Network subscribers, Dish Network has provided a great tool allowing Big Ten Fans to watch their favorite teams without having to subscribe to the Big Ten Network. This is great news that a large number of Big Ten football games will be available to qualifying subscribers on DISH Network channels this college football season.   DISH Network announced on September 1st their first Big Ten college football broadcast schedule that was available to fans subscribing to Dish Network. This schedule will be updated weekly allowing DISH Network subscribers to watch a large majority of all of the Big Ten conference football games which will be aired on channels such as CSTV, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU.  Although many customers say I will pay whatever to watch the Big Ten Network on Dish Network, the complexities of the broadcast negotiations are not that simple. Dish Network wants to insure their 13 million customers that they are paying the same rate as other cable companies and that subscribers who do not want the Big Ten Network are not footing the bill.  Dish Network says that they have been diligently negotiating for several months to acquire a carriage agreement that is similar to the agreements that Dish Network has with other regional sports networks.  So what Big Ten Football will you see on Dish Network? ABC/ESPN signed a ten year contract with the Big Ten guaranteeing over 40 Big Ten conference games each year and 6 Big Ten key games will be broadcast on ABC or ESPN this year. ABC/ESPN will get first pick of Big Ten games each week, which means the best games will be on an ABC or ESPN.  To get the weekly Big Ten games carried on Dish Network, visit: