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Dish Network International Programming Migration

by TVBlogEditor

Posted on November 5, 2007

Dish Network is currently moving their International programming to different satellite orbital locations to free up capacity for future DISH Network programming. This migration initiative will also help minimize the need for many International programming subscribers to have multiple antennas. This migration is an on-going initiative, which is expected to be completed around Q1 2008. Different International programming language groups will be migrating to their new orbital locations at different times. Dish Network said that even though International programming orbital locations will be changing, most corresponding channel numbers will remain the same. Dish Network has already begun migrating International programming currently transmitted from the 121° orbital location to the 118.7° orbital location. Additionally, select International programming currently transmitted from the 61.5° or 148° orbital locations will also be moving to the 118.7° orbital location. When the migration is complete, International programming will no longer be simulcast from the 121° orbital location, but will instead ONLY be broadcast from the 61.5°, 148° or 118.7° orbital locations. Again, please note that this migration is occurring in phases.