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Dish Network Launches French News Channel in the U.S

by Dish Systems Team

Posted on October 7, 2010

Ouais! On a marquee!  In English it says “Yes! We scored!”  If you are one of the millions of French speaking Dish Network Television viewers you may be saying just that. In early August of 2010 Dish Network announced the partnership and launch of their 24/7 French news channel within the United States, France 24.  France 24 is found on channel 660 and will bring viewers all the latest and most up to date information from abroad. This new edition to the Dish Network lineup is currently part of the French Bouquet Dish Network programming package and brings a very unique type of international news coverage that posses a French appeal.  France 24 is being broadcast in English, Arabic and French in 160 different countries around the world along with allowing for some 15 million American subscribers to gain access to international news content from more than just the normal sources. Dish Network’s France 24 is a welcomed edition to the French Bouquet package.  With this recent launch loyal viewers with France 24 can tune in to around the clock news coverage, French Soap Operas, kids shows, documentaries, game shows, classic movies and much more content.  With the satellite giant now broadcasting the France 24 channel a new market of viewers is being identified. If you would like to order the French Bouquet package from Dish Network please call 1-866-989-3474 or visit Dish Systems.